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Kristina Thielen
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Nov 13, 2012
No rebukes from this corner. In my opinion, we're all allowed a little time on the fur-lined pity pot no matter our lot in life. In fact, you can easily differentiate those who choose not to indulge from time to time by their manic, gotta-be-happy Barney-ness that is simultaneously irritating as hell and sad as can be. I think there's some ancient saying by some important guy whose name I forgot that says something to the effect that you have to have rain to really appreciate the sunshine. Or maybe I just made that up. But it sounds good, right? And now, back to your regularly scheduled Barney episode ;)
Hey Gretchen- I haven't seen you in forever (since like the 1980s-90s when I was hanging out with Jo & Melisa), but I saw your posts on here & went back to read your other blog to catch up- and I am in awe of you! Congrats on all you have accomplished & on continuing to git-er-done. You have much to be proud of! As for advice on the present situation: I won't endeavor to tell you what to do, but I can share my story, which bears certain similarities. My husband & I had been married about 5 1/2 years when he got sick and died (much like divorce- the grieving process is very similar), leaving me a 26-yr-old widow with three kids ages 5, 3 & barely 1. The first year was a blur of pain, confusion, and lots of wine after the bedtime routines were through each night. Somehow, through the haze, I made the choice to go back to school (major change #1- I had been a SAHM & was terrified of being a single mom with no marketable skills). After about a year and a half, I made major change #2: moving from suburban Wichita, where I had grown up and was close to family and friends, to Halstead- a tiny town of about 1500 people with good schools, located about 40 miles away from my comfort zone. 40 miles may not seem like much, but it was truly a world away for me, especially when it meant moving away from the home my husband & I had created for the kids, moving away from family supports, and moving farther from where he was buried. I had a lot of growing pains after I moved here. Small town life was really different from what I had grown up with, and it was a difficult transition. The only thing that saved me was making a conscious decision that I commuted to school and finished my degree with honors (now getting the masters online so as not to disrupt/move children). I found a volunteer position in Halstead as an EMT/FF that is awesomely fulfilling. And my kiddos couldn't be happier: the now-12 year old boy is very active in sports and has a few close friends that are good influences; the now-10 year old girl also plays sports and is on the honor roll, also with friends that will not drag her into a drug- or gang-fueled existence; and the now-8 year old boy is my lego-obsessed budding engineer with buddies around the corner. So the point of my blathering on is this: whichever decision you make will be right, because you are made of much the same gritty stuff that I am and It's not fun, it's not easy, and either path is fraught with uncomfortable change. One of the greatest lessons I learned in this whole life experience is to trust my instinct and know that the kids will be fine as long as I am fine. And FINE does NOT stand for fucked-up, insecure, neurotic and emotional.
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Oct 4, 2011
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Oct 4, 2011