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I have two favorites. One is a beloved old NIV that I did BSF with, and it has so many great notes. The other one is the "True Identity" Bible for women from Zondervan. It's a great resource if you're not in a study for asking yourself the right questions. I love that, it makes me think. I saw a lime green one with a pink flower for Easter that's small, and I think I'm going to have to get that one for taking to church. I left my tiny pink one in a hotel. So if it's a sin to have too many, I am guilty
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Oooh those are very cute. I just came back from DSW and I was so proud of myself for resisting an Elliott Lucca bag that I do not need. Maybe this is why. LOL
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I am the lone dissenter I guess. I couldn't stand Michael Johns. He had some good weeks, but mostly, he was just painful to watch. I am also not a big fan of the Archuleta kid who everyone loves. I don't think Syesha is different enough, so I was surprised she was staying. I honestly don't understand why Carly doesn't use her voice to better songs. She is an incredible singer. My favorite is Jason. : ) Kristin
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