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Thanks for your post Anna. It seems to me there is a fundamental math problem here: if you work 100+ hours a week, how could you ever have enough time for your children and spouse? Ms. Nooyi seemed to give an honest and specific picture of how that has worked in her life. She is obviously a smart and capable person who has done better in her career than most can dream of, she has more support around her than many people have (husband, mother, secretary, hired help), and she has been resourceful in balancing the needs of her children (training her secretary to field calls from children). She seems to have subscribed to all of your points above, but that still does not add up to a "wonderful family life." -Her husband helps. But he also gets home from work at 8pm (as opposed to many male executives who have stay-at-home spouses) so the kids see very little of their parents. -Her kids understand the program. They call their mom's secretary instead of their mom. Their mom can't come to social events that stay-at-home moms can come to. -She has realistic expectation. She can not come to weekday social events and answer calls from her kids and run PepsiCo. -She has a lot of help (more help, by the way, than women who are ambitious but not yet head of PepsiCo can afford): her husband, her mom, her secretary, several hired help. Your post says Ms. Nooyi should be more positive, but it does not give any specifics about how one can put in that many hours on the job and still have a "wonderful family life." I would be interested to hear specifically where you think Ms. Nooyi has gone wrong and where you think you or other women have done better at having that level of career but still having time for children and husband?
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Jul 7, 2014