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Love your blogs, Amber! My four kids always say it sucks that I am a pediatrician. No trampoline in our backyard, they are never allowed to skate/ski-snowboard/rollerblade/bike without helmet. Of course those in college now are much less compliant with their longboad and helmet (= no helmet) :(. The one thing I am still adamant about it that if they ever buy a motorcycle (I call those things murdercycle), I will sneak in at night and steal it and distroy it. As for the swings, I have seen enough swing accidents growing up in Hungary, that I never pushed their swing high (so most of them are also swing-phobic) and if we happen to come across a playground that still has swings, I have to turn my back to the swing....wheteher it's my offsprings on it or someone else's...
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Jan 5, 2012