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Here is why the the "myth of American exceptionalism" is not a myth at all. Where else is there this sort of cultural/strata mobility?
The little firm I was in was once had discussions with a very large law firm about being gobbled up as their local branch office. The Senior Partner was touring the main office and saw all the original art adorning the place; he asked about it and was told that the firm had a committee that reviewed the "excess profits" each year, and invested in art and such. That was the end of the merger discussion. He later that he knew right then it wouldn't work - the "excess profits" of the firm were the nice cars we drove and vacations we took.
This is the better method of dealing with your child prodigy. He/she isn't likely to be a pro at whatever it is, you should raise him/her to be a mentally stable/happy kid and if the pro thing works out, well there's your icing on the cake.
Indeed, the impediments to change imbeded in the Constitution don't hinder democracy so much as stand in the way of us overdosing on it. If it is a good idea now, it will likely still be one in several years when we get around to slowly changing over to it. If it is a bad idea now, we may not know it for a while.
I hope they don't take the US economy down with them
I used to laugh at them as Canuckistan and the People's Republic of Canada...and now they can justifiably laugh at us.
Also, large scale battle scenes are expensive to stage and film.
The hierarchy has always been (what would now be called by the media) very far to the right. It simply tolerated the activities of the very far to the left (which the current media would now call "mainstream" or "center") subgroups which deviated from official church policy. It isn't being as tolerant of such heresies now.
I hope he isn't going to order it to be shaken
I lok forward to the day when the majority of people in the country can "check 2 or more boxes" on the forms, so we can put the AA style classification system of redistributing unearned advantages away.
That thinking appears very prevelant...and resistance to it the reporting lately
Well, the sun will flame out in some number of millions of the tax increase is indeed temporary
There's the old joke about democracy being two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner. The Wall Streeters at this event may think otherwise (i.e. that their crony status will save them), but they are the sheep making the meal selction unanimous.
Sounds like the political machines in large urban areas of the US
So candidate's school days are not going to be reviewed? Great, we've heard such entertainingly outlandish rumors about O for a while now. The MSM clamoring for releases of all of O's school records, and their finetoothing combing for whiffs of scandal could be entertaining. What? They aren't? Why not?
Good one - she got jobs claiming she had Indian blood in her veins, when she actually had Indian blood on her hands.
If you're plan is to rob Peter to pay Paul, it is likely that you'll have Paul's full support. We're hitting a point where the Pauls outnumber the Peters.
It is looking more and more that AA needs to be revamped as socio-economic rather than "race" or "ethnicity" based.
so...does this serve as an excuse for horny House and randy Senate members, and priapetetic Presidents?
It isn't possible to assign men responsibility at this point...he would then have to get some say in how it went too (and that is heresy to the feministas).
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People are far too self-absorbed these days. And with having fewer children, we don't get past all the rookie mistakes with the first one and go on to do a better job with the rest.
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Obama, the great Constitutional scholar, having trouble with his positions in front of the Court? Amazing.
The only real solution to this is to have a group of Christian students amass sufficient numbers to take over some other club(s) and then stake out positions the clubs would not otherwise take (such as taking over the LGBT group and opposing gay marriage).
The forst overlay ad that popped up while watching it was for a "vaginal mesh lawyer". It struck me as amusingly appropriate. It is a good nostalgia tune for us greying sorts who remember the 60s/70s (but not too well). Pity the guy can't meet up with her again and do a new song about how she turned out 40 years later (he might be very glad it didn't work out).
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