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Chris, as mentioned on twitter, I am really proud that you pick up the idea and vision of Fidor Bank. Many thanks for that. Let me share an additional aspect with all your readers and followers: Fidor Bank was founded by the Management-Team. As a consequence, Fidor Bank is - what I regard to be very important - an independent initiave. We have developed – in my eyes – a developed technology and a unique concept. All that is absolutely positive and not to be under estimated. Another consequence is: to grow now, we are looking for partners because we have not 50 mio. euros to sponsor UEFA for brand-building (just as an example). There are some ways to partner up with us and maybe one of your followers and readers thinks "that could be interesting for me/us…”. That’s why I share that now in a way of „crowd-sourcing” - according to our web 2.0 approach: 1. We are looking for Partners to expand our idea of Brokertainment, a back office free brokerage and fun platform. Brokertainments “stockbattle” was perfectly described by you! Within in the web-industry you would call it “social betting on stocks”, all that covered by the appropriate FS licenses. So, maybe there is a potential partner that has high cost of new customers within the brokerage segment and wants to lower that.... 2. We are looking for “Franchise”-Partners of Fidor Bank. Why could one think about that opportunity? One example: You already have an excisting online-customer base in a different field e. g. e-commerce or social media. You want to increase stickiness and maybe reduce cost of payment… than you should contact us. 3. We are always looking for shareholders that help us building up and executing the vision of Fidor Bank. As mentioned, Fidor Bank is a fully licensed bank and therefor has to obeye tier one capital regulations etc. Thats why we are always in talks with potential investors. So, if there is somebody out there, that by the Blog of Chris now is interested in the future development of Fidor Bank and wants to take a more active and strategic role int hat, let me know and contact me! To get in contact with me write an email to Again, many thanks to you, Chris! Matthias
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Jun 16, 2012