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I just moved this post up towards the top of the blog - because I think it is still so relevant.
Compared to Saddam's Iraq - today's Iraq is far more peaceful and democratic. It would be even more so had Obama not withdrawn all US troops.
@ WhatDoIKnow: Could not have said it any better myself. Many thanks - you continue to uphold the high level of thought found throughout our comments section since we first began in 2003! As you say - the fundamental problem remains the same - and we could continue to point it out for years to come - but at some point the debate is best carried forth by others with more time on their hands! We carried the fight for four years and more - and we remain steadfastly dedicated to and grateful for all those who supported us.
@ GermanByNature, Read our mission statement to get an understanding of what our site is about. Here's a key quote: "It is important to keep in mind that the examples documented on this site do not reflect the entire German media landscape. There are numerous highly professional, relatively unbiased news sources to be had from Berlin to Bavaria. That said: The biased, anti-American media coverage that we document here does reflect a large and influential segment of German media." If you don't believe there is a problem from looking at our site - talk to members of the German media - many will openly admit that their outlet's coverage of the United States is both biased and anti-American.
Of course it was all just Bush - that explains why the SPIEGEL covers have gotten so pro-American of late: