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Good treatment of this rather contentious issue. I guess I'm most concerned with how many additional people will be required to handle all the new work created by this bill. And it's of interest that no enforcement will take place if the necessary health insurance isn't purchased. If that's true what good is the "tax". Somehow some way of collecting the "tax" will be required and you can bet that will happen.
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Thank you for a wonderful article. I know you've given Mrs. Kelly what I'm sure would have meant the most to her, praise for her work as a teacher. I can only say I'm sorry I didn't know her but I've met a few like her over the years. The quiet hero/heroins of the world who silently but competently do their jobs and inspire those around them to be better people. Rest in Peace Mrs. Kelly for you left the world in good hands! As those you taught to respect learning and inspired to always be their best are still here carrying on your work.
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A big question with readers like the Nook and using Wi-Fi is "does it offer any security for the data being sent?" They say they support WPA, WPA2, and WEP but those are only secure when you are on a network you control as once data is at the switch/router the data is available to anyone else signed on with only a simple hack attack. So does the Nook or Kindle allow for running any kind of VPN service that would provide true security for public Wi-Fi spots or are we open for hacks.
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The most frustrating thing for me is how recorded entries for an item can so easily be changed. When that happens and you don't catch it you enter future items different than you intend. I have several people entering data and so you really have to watch for any changes made to an item's recorded entry accounts. And my favorite general purpose business web site is Office Depot's Small Biz Development & Biz Information Center it has lots of biz info from down loadable forms to business articles and hand books check it out
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Sep 27, 2010