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I agree that long term investment in the stock market is very difficult, if not outright impossible. With the amount of news, the variability of weather, politics, war, and other unexpected events, I just don't see how anyone can really make good, long-term "bets" in the market. On the other hand, shorter-term investments I think can be predicted and modeled with much more accuracy. Whether you use fundamentals, chart / technical analysis, or some combination, you can find a model that will work for you in the shorter term. My personal bias happens to lean towards technical analysis; to use an analogy, I don't care where a car is going to be 6 months from now, if I'm interested in knowing where its going to be in 30 minutes. It doesn't really matter what the fundamentals are if the herd is pushing in a particular direction - stock movements don't necessarily follow logic, but they do tend to follow logical patterns with support, resistance, and other technical indicators. Our company provides trading alerts to our readers, and our track record is pretty good - we're about 80% successful in our trades, and we tend to make about 25% average return per trade on our winners. We do trade primarily in simple options (calls and puts), not the complicated stuff. You can find more info here - MKS
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Mar 26, 2012