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Congrats! Looks like another great book. Can't wait to read it.
Except for a few examples of people who write books for one specific reason, I can honestly say that signing a traditional publishing contract is a bad business decision. A decision that will haunt you in a few years when there are no more "big bookstores" and you'll still be earning 17.5% on your digital sales when you could be earning 70% or more if you sold them direct. Bottom line is. I believe all people who sign "traditional" contracts will be crying out loud about how they made a mistake years from now, and will be regretting the huge amounts of money they could have earned. Just go over to Konrath's blog and read him for the other side of your argument. He's hard to argue with.
Yeah, this is super smart. The guys over at are partnering up with HuffingtonPost to do some similar stuff. I agree this is a smart way to publish. If I was a journalist I'd pick huge topics and write micro books or manifestos just like this and publish them via Amazon and split the rev with my media partner and make a ton of money!
Yes indeed! It takes courage to realize that you can live the type of life you want to live. Once you set yourself free by summoning that courage, you're on your way. Great thoughts David.
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Amazon is the new WalMart with Jeff Bezos channeling Sam Walton with these moves :) Time will tell if this makes sense for authors and I believe that it will be beneficial to some, but not most. Remember though, it's optional for everyone. One thing is for sure with all this. Amazon means business.
I think your argument makes sense in the old legacy model of publishing where you have a publisher and they were pitching to book buyers. But that's pretty much gone. Sure, it happens for a few top sellers, but we all know the truth, and that is that bookstores pick the books that they know are going to sell, regardless of the "influence" a publisher has with them. Why the rush? Because we can. I get that as a PR person you need lead time. But the truth is that most authors who self-publish won't be able to afford a big PR campaign. They're doing it themselves through social media. So for those people, yes, why not rush it out. For the select few who can hire you... it makes sense to slow it down, I suppose.
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Already halfway through and it's really good David. Will finish it today on my flight. Congrats on another great piece of content.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on Newsjacking! at Web Ink Now
Hey Jason, I don't see it as a limit. That's what gatekeepers did. This is opportunity. Whether people choose to compete is up to them, but they certainly only have themselves to blame for not giving it a go. The tools and technology are cheaper than ever, and easier to use, so there really is no excuse. Still, you're right, some people just won't want to put in the work to compete. That's great news for those of us who will.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2011 on The transformation of books at Web Ink Now
Absolutely David, and I couldn't be happier about it. Forget the "traditional" vs. self-publishing argument... what we should really be concentrating on is what you said: What are "books" becoming? It can only be a good thing, this change. I've been working hard to stay at the front of this new paradigm now that I'm unleashed from my "big six" contract. I wonder though, how prolific authors such as yourself will be able to really make moves forward while still fighting the unchanging world of legacy publishing? It doesn't appear to me they're willing to adopt at all?
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2011 on The transformation of books at Web Ink Now
Just saw the website. I didn't realize that was the official site. Still though, it's hard to impress upon the crowd to follow the lead. But if they could your ideas would work great.
You're dead on. But how do you really organize/control a message when there's no control point? I used to be a brand manager and what you're describing is what I did, but for Occupy Wall Street, I don't see a point person/group. Which is actually the reason why it's spreading, because it's organic. My other point is that I'm sure you agree with... everyone needs to learn how to be a marketer, but the majority aren't, and plenty don't want to be. Would be fun to lead the marketing for an organization like this though wouldn't it? Hard to reign them in though.
You mean you didn't just get all those followers by clicking an easy button David? lol. You should have just bought one of those info products that could have done all this for you overnight with the click of a button. :)
Jimmy Five Bucks is my mob name now!
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I'm totally confused Jim. I have zero problem with criticism, in fact, I believe if you're doing everything right you're doing something wrong! However, I don't get your point about my review and why it is bad? "This video is a terrific example of what companies should fear when they think of user generated video content. And this was from a professional reviewing a high profile marketing and selling book." Really? I disagree. This is EXACTLY what companies should cherish. An honest review with conversation about their products/services. "Just because we can turn on a webcam, record a talking head and throw it up on YouTube doesn't mean we should." Again, I disagree. We should, and we should be sooooo glad that our customers have this power now. As businesses, I want more of this, not less. Bad, or good. Or am I missing the point? Your post was unclear. Be happy to discuss it, here, or on the phone, or skype, or however you wish to. Jim Kukral
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on Risk of User-Generated Video Content at SalesVPI
I saw David's tweet and based on his reputation I immediately clicked and paid for the promotion. It was only until an hour later that I heard from David that it wasn't possibly legit. I requested my money back from them and got it within an hour. No harm, no foul... Look, it's no big deal. I would have done the same thing David did, and probably have. The world moves fast. Information the fastest. It's ultimately on the consumer to decide what's legit and what isn't nowadays. I blame myself, not David, for following through without doing my diligence. Again, no big deal really. Tess, I get what you wanted to do, but sometimes you need to have a bit more of a plan and explanation in place to make something work.
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2010 on You cannot take back a tweet at Web Ink Now
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