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Guys, that has a lot to face from Russia, china and the Middle East, God help him out to make the right and best decisions, not like the formers
Is the coming pope going to change the present situation in Cameroon if he was actually invited by Biya?? "Uneasiness bears the head that carries the crown" do we actually consider that crown heavy? I believe Biya acts on the words of those who back him up, thus his soul needs real deliverance not words from a fellow human like him. I thnk his coming to Cameroon is another vicious plan to divert Cameroonians attention to another direction. God help us all.
i think, it is like a game, you divert the people's attention to somethn' mean, while under the table you commit more crimes than it is to be judged, that man Pual is too clever. he is a fox, no one is above the law, but yet, he can't be judged, what kinda law system is that? So, no matter all the noise, it will still end in vain
I think only the death of Paul Biya will end all his scams leading to a coup, Fru Ndi on the other hand is getting old, he should pass power on, we are not in South Africa, Cameroonians are too scared, so they comfort themselves with alcohol no matter its cost......such is life
SIMPLICE. Do u know u need some mental education, i can't believe what i get from u, rather than fight for freedom, u try to con-taract those who even put up a fight. Let me ask u, in your capacity what would u do if u were in the shoes of Fru Ndi, sometimes, we should let reason flow rather than emotions and feelings which are just our immaginations. The blood of our fellow brothers will never go as u think, they will be damn happy to see the flying colours of the party someday, but know it will only come after the death of Biya. Life is full of suprises, so why not cross your fingers and expect some rather than be child-like and sulk in mind. Calling others traitors is a great accussation, why not place yourself as one before u look at others??? Be fore-warned is to be fore-armed... Terry-China
what if it is the same stupid president who gives the orders to the same judges to place Doh on such a disgrace list. It is but normal for such to happen so as to rekindle the trust of some foolish Cameroonians. Life has never been so perfect, it all matters on what the individuals do, if he can't be sent to jail, is is coz his over lord and master wants it so. U know what, Cameroon will be as it is, themore we ask for change, the more we ask for war, have we ever thought of what the Arabs ( Northerns) are capable of doing, see the abilities of their brothers in Iraq, they are just on the verge of revenge. Let's not be fooled by what Biya is doing, there is a geater war cominf, use your eyes and u would see more than u think u can.. There is no dual between the cpdm and the sdf, it is just a paper work dual, what we have from physical view is not what is deep rooted in the marrows of those who call themselves barons.......
Does beaing a Legend as u rightly put, means being a coward??? Boysuis, I'm really dissapointed in your lack of common understanding. Why can't you somestimes sit and think of Muna as only drifting you all from the real SHARK?? Why couldn't he really create his own party, but a faction of the SDF. We Cameroonians are so loop-sided sometimes in our ways of thinking. Those are one of the main reasons that we are taken advantage of by other nations. We must all uphold to justice, but are the judges just?? Keep that in your mind while u post your next comment!!
Will all these words, head-strong arguements, and the mis-use of the alphabetical order bring a change in Cmaeroon? No, I think the answer is factum NO. Rather than put heads together and see into the present situation, you Cameroonians find pleasure in words. Mark you, we are not playing SCRABLE but the lives of our future generations to come. I have been a keen reader and i find all these talks, a waste of time, coz where there is action, aonly cowards like you scare to the western world. I feel so sorry to comment this, but the truth must sometimes be spoken. Know this, the life of patriots must sometimes be sacrifised in the fight for liberation.