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Thanks for this, Greg!
ah, bodega... you catch me a funny mood, somewhere between pensively nostalgic and bored after seeing cheap trick play five songs (four mediocre, one rockin') before being called for rain. it's giving me this strange feeling, as if i want to be ... genuine? sincere? direct? it's all so ... unfamiliar ... but yes, i tend to be facetious as fudge (at least on the air) and i do enjoy acting as if things that are kinda true are really totally true. or put another way, yeah, i take requests sometimes.
i went last week. its a great exhibit. thanks, diane!
eh, maybe so then. i saw "get low" last night. quite good. about a guy who plans his funeral before he's dead because he wants to attend. pretty much the opposite of a zombie movie. you might try that instead. or, you know, stay home and listen to wfmu!
bartelby - if you get a chance, check "make out with violence." it's intense to see a zombie movie that isn't trying to be scary.
hey dark - yeah, there's a scene in notl where there are experts on tv arguing about the cause of the dead coming back to life, and the satellite thing is one of them. my favorite speculation, though, is the famous line from the second movie "dawn of the dead": "where there's no room left in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.
Oh, man. Right. Jerry Lawler. I should know better than to trust my memory on anything other than two or three '70s punk bands from Britain. Thanks. And awesome that you got to see him. I wish I would have. (But then, maybe I did and I just don't remember.)