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Once again, this wouldn't upset me if they had an improvement / replacement / alternate in place. But instead, Netflix kills off another feature they never once promoted or improved, saying "no one used it". Maybe if you had encouraged people to use it or made it more worth using after all these years... ?
I'm still not sure what was wrong with the old Facebook Connect. It showed the movie I watched, my rating, and a short blurb (if I wanted to type one). Why not just expand that, why destroy it and start all over again? Even if they're working on something new, why not leave the old one in place until it's ready?
I've not had the problem Christopher describes. My pet peeve (and one possible explanation for his problem) is that if you add a movie to your queue when only DVD is available, but later the studio decides to release a Blu-Ray version, Netflix does not automatically update your queue. Every few weeks I scan through my queue and I find a handful of movies where the drop-down tab reads DVD and I have to manually change it to Blu-Ray. That could be what happened to Christopher if it's been a while since he added the movie to his queue. It's doubly-annoying on multi-disc series because there is no drop-down. You have to hover over the title, wait for the pop-up, figure out if it's on Blu-Ray, remove the entire series, and re-add it to get the Blu-Ray version. I understand if you're in the middle of a series (it may be four DVDs but only three Blu-Rays, thus they don't correspond to one another), but if the series is still in your queue (or if it's just a one disc film), I wish Netflix would update your queue automatically. We are paying for the privilege of Blu-Ray, after all.
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May 25, 2011