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Karen Wright
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For Guru to have been "SO PRIVATE" about the fact that he was even 'ill' should speak volumes to GURU'S Fan's and fellow artist... Why in the world would this obviously 'PRIVATE MAN" leave such a personal letter for THE WORLD to read? Why would GURU talk legal issues with "US"? Wouldn't the Son of a Lawyer who became the First Black Superior Court Judge of Boston know better? and why would GURU bag "Premier' on his deathbed when he never seemed to do it when he was Alive & Well? I believe like so many other also believe that the letter is Bullshit!!!! And to make matters worst it read like a LOVE LETTER to SOLAR. I hope Solar goes to the deepest part of Hell for this & I also hope if GURU couldn't see that Solar wasn't good for him in life... That it's becoming REAL for him in death. Rest In Peace GURU.... Thanks For the MUSIC!
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Apr 23, 2010
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Apr 23, 2010