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This was my biggest complaint with Blockbuster. My local Blockbuster has a great selection of TV discs. I'd get disc 1 in the mail, take it back to the store and rent disc 2, and then I'd end up getting disc 4 or 5 sent to me. I called and complained three times and each time I was told, "Well, you're breaking the lock, so that means you won't recieve them in order."
The throttling on my end isn't too bad right now. But I'm a teacher and school has started back, so I only watch one movie in a week, if that. I just hate that throttling basically becomes about how many rents you have in a given month or two month period. Right now, Netflix is getting good business from me because I'm only getting maybe four movies a month tops on the two out plan. But during the summer, when I can watch more, I get throttled very heavily and it's frustrating. Seems to me they should take into account those seven or eight months when my rentals are very slow instead of punsihing me for the three or four that are higher than normal.
I decided to give BB one more month and then I was canceling anyway once school started back (I'm a teacher and don't watch as many movies once school begins). Looks like I'm getting out right on time. I know one of the girls who works at my local Blockbuster and she was saying the manager's were complaining about how the profits had dropped since the Total Access plan had started. But I do think such drastic either price increases or limitations on movies you can exchange out will really hurt the smart BB customers who were just using it because of the value and not brand loyalty.
I've been working this summer just a short walk from a Blockbuster, so I decided to give Total Access a try. The free trial was awesome and I loved it. I've been paying for two months now and I will cancel at the end of this billing cycle. I'm constantly getting three or four days in-between movies being returned to the store and a new title being shipped to me. And my biggest complaint is that they've skipped movies in my Queue four times now. My problem with that is the fact that I'm renting television series and they continually skip the next disc I've asked for in the series. Sometimes they skip down to the 3rd selection if I have two discs from a TV series as 1 and 2. I know Old Timer says this isn't a big deal, but the reason I get television shows on DVD is so I can watch them in order. The local Blockbuster has a great selection, so, in theory, I'd like to get Disc 1 in the mail, Disc 2 at my local store, Disc 3 in the mail, etc. Instead I'm getting Disc 1 in the mail, Disc 2 at my local store, Shooter (which had a very long wait in my queue), Disc 3 at my local store, Disc 5 in the mail. I find it extremely frustrating and I have e-mailed customer service three times and never got a reply. I called customer service and was basically told that's just how Blockbuster does it. I never was a huge fan of Blockbuster as a retailer because of poor customer service and now their Total Access program is showing me the same thing. In business, the customer should get what they ask for, not what the business feels like giving them.
I've used it three or four times and each time for maybe ten minutes tops. I signed up for Netflix to get DVDs of my choosing to watch on my large screen television, not to watch a limited selection of movies on my laptop. If they improved the selection and had newer releases or more popular television series' available, I might use it more.
I've been noticing a big change in my movie arrivals over the last six weeks or so. There are two DC in Kentucky, both about a two hour drive from me. It's been taking movies three to five days show up as returned after I ship them and then it's been taking the same amount of time to get a movie back.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2007 on Slow Netflix Delivery Times? at Hacking NetFlix
I live in Kentucky and most of my movies come from the Louisville, KY center, but I also get a few from Dayton, Indianapolis, and Bowling Green.
Out of 70 movies I only had one unplayable, but I had two that were lost in the mail coming from Netflix.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2007 on How Many Unplayable Rentals? at Hacking NetFlix