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An exceptional piece, much appreciated. I agree with Joe Brewer on some confusion on resiliency, and perhaps equilibrium. In my view equilibrium isn't an aquarium where water once spilled must be returned to previous levels, but rather more similar to a biosphere where environmental elements either must be balanced if dominated by hubris of human maintenance engineers, or allow nature to correct--in business with the help of creative destruction. This is where I think the FRB has it wrong, which is very dangerous--I agree with John strongly in recent posts that our institutions are obviously just not up to the task. I also note however the use of the term conservative, which may be misleading to some given the current macro political environment. Conservatism actually has roots in literal conservancy--as in resources certainly to include natural, which is quite different than the context used by most today--in both parties. Perhaps risk averse would be more appropriate, or better yet--addiction to power, fear of change. One thing is certain-- adaptability in a world that is undergoing change at the fastest pace in human history isn't optional, but a method of survival. It's pretty clear to me that most of our institutions are not up to the challenge. I sense in John something more than an aha realization in that regard, which I share. That leaves us with an understanding that is at best uncomfortable--and for futurists somewhat alarming, especially given the lack of progress on structural reforms that can even lead to sustainability--in all major political parties in the U.S. and EU. is now following The Typepad Team
Apr 9, 2013