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kyle behrman
Avatar is the best movie Ive ever seen I hope someday our planet can be like pandora or visit worlds similiar to it in peace and open arms not guns and killing.
Interests: I want to be a NAV'I, All else is meaningless
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I need to compare a few things with everyone else who saw the movie and their reactions. >The whole time you were watching Avatar did you breathe super heavy through the whole film? >Did you wish you could be apart... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at AVATAR
Since I saw the movie on opening night it's the only thing I can think of. I really believe Iam obssed now lol and hooked. I want to be a navi now dont really care about humans lol
Oh the green jelly material that the avatar users laid on?
Yeah it did resemble native american culture and preistoric dinosaurs.
I really would like to explore the entire planet from the flux zone where rocks hover in the air to the oceans. The cool thing about the nav'i, this movie makes me jealos that our culture couldnt be more like... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at AVATAR
Thanks for the link.
I might actually have to read the book myself this movie really moved me. I also think it was the best movie ive ever seen in my whole entire life.
I didnt see it in I-MAX but I did see it in 3D at my local theatres they have new kristy projectors that can project in either modes looked aesome but im sure I-Max is alot better I just didnt want to drive 20-30mins to see a movie.
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I probably would after detailed observations are made of the planet and the idegenous life. But our civilizations needs to develope faster means of transportation like light speed or warp drive I dont want to wait 5 years to travel there.
Yeah I really thought the ikran was cool and Im afraid of hights lol. But the way they flow with nature and trust the land around them gave me the courage do attempt maybe few things I would have not done in the past.
Avatar made me think really hard about how us as a society have truley forgoten the true reason to live. We should respect the planet and the things on it similiar to the way the Indians did. I wish I was born a nimbi but they're a fantasy I wish was true. Im a big techno geek to speak but if I could be one of them and live the way they do... I would give it all up for that kind of life. I think our society has become to dependent on technology hopefully we will never do what... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2009 at kyle behrman's blog
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Posted Dec 20, 2009 at kyle behrman's blog
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