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Kyle Zheng
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I don't think there's a black and white contrast between graphical and abstract, as we saw with the Washington Subway Map competition. There's also one dimension missing, which is frequency. i.e. Maps need to portray not only where routes run, but also how frequently they run. This was partly accomplished with the FTN, but the map still showed too much graphical detail. So I decided to experiment with one end of the scale. I produced what I called a "Transit Network Skeleton". Basically, the transit network of Burnaby (a city adjacent to Vancouver) is simplified into black and white lines with line width showing frequency. Therefore, buses with significant frequency would be wider. In addition, all lines are streamlined to look as straight & basic as possible, with routes have large headways eliminated from the map altogether. Obviously these wouldn't serve as useful transit maps per-se, but are fairly good at depicting the true structure of a network.
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Nov 11, 2013