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Great good heavenly day. I was reading this and thinking that some of it, like having the return flight canceled because I missed the connection on my flight over, sounded extremely familiar, and I looked up what carrier flew me to my high school reunion in May and screwed up so thoroughly, and it was United! I will say that I was fortunate enough to be flying home from a tiny airport where the employees did back flips to fix the problem. But let me tell you, when I missed my connection due to weather, it took me absolutely hours to get myself onto a connecting flight. How could this not be something that was planned for, that people coming into Chicago might be going on to someplace else, and if the flight was delayed for two or three hours, people might need to reschedule connections? It was as though such a thing was unfathomable. Now I know that it is part of United's business model, "We Don't Care, and Even If We Do, We Can't Do Anything." On the other hand, I had such spectacular customer service when I flew Jet Blue earlier this year and a mistake was made on the dates (which may have been my fault) and the whole trip needed to be re-scheduled and they did it with no change fees, that I told them that they had a customer for life.
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Aug 15, 2012