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Just waking up, so no make-up on yet. With taking the Minions out crabbing* on today's agenda, I won't go any further than a slightly tinted moisturizing lip gloss. Typical day-to-day make-up is kept simple and quick, and in natural tones: pressed powder foundation, light dusting of shadow, mascara, tinted lip gloss. Full force make-up for me is still usually kept to the basics: pressed powder foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and maybe eyeliner if I really want to ramp it up. *My hubs is from Louisiana, too. 17 years ago when he first suggested we go crabbing, I hit him with a seriously skeptical side-eye, but I went and had a surprising amount of fun. Now it's one of our favorite things to do with the family.
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I definitely would have made sure he got his credit. We had something somewhat similar happen a few months ago when we replaced our washer and dryer, too, but at least in this case I can say that the manager we dealt with was not an ass. Our dryer was a discounted floor model (saved almost 40%!), but the damned thing kept shutting off on us within two days of having it installed. Our original salesman was off when we went back to the store, but the manager on the floor that day personally helped us rectify the situation. We arranged to have the dryer picked up and we purchased a NEW new dryer. We had to buy a full-priced dryer, but what we'd paid for the floor model was applied to the cost of the new one and then for our hassle, the manager gave us an $200 to apply to the cost. In the end, we only had to pay an additional $100. We were very pleased with the service we'd received from our original salesman and asked if he would still receive credit for the 2nd sale, since we had asked for him when we came in again. The manager said that he would definitely credit it to our first guy, and even said he'd laud him for giving such great service to customers. THAT'S what a good manager is *supposed* to do. BTW: I'm pinning this asshole picture. It's just too good not to.
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Word. You're an inspiration.
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So short, yet so poignant. Things *will* be okay. It's in the little moments that are easy to miss (like one) that always tell you so. xo
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Without a doubt.
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My dog is headed towards 12 and had some sort of issue going on a couple of weeks ago. I get sad just knowing that she's on the down half of her life. Hope Jaru is feeling better soon. As for me, I'm starting grad school (round three) in a couple of weeks. I must be crazy. There are three weeks left in the school year and I'm just counting down the days until summer break.
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Between the two of them - NESS Out for everyone - MESS
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Long time lurker, but first (maybe second or third) time commenter. My biggest peeve with my husband of almost-15-years is the fact that when he goes shopping, he leaves several items in the bags. Boxes of cereal in the pantry. Toilet paper in the bathroom. Ice cream in the freezer! Does he not know that I NEED that ice cream and that unnessecary extra step of taking it out of the blasted plastic bag lengthens the time between my idea to have ice cream and the time it actually ends up in my mouth where it belongs. *breathe* Now that THAT'S out of my system - my 9 year old daughter has decided to go to football camp and learn to sew this summer. Girl power. Like any good mother, I can help her with the football but I am utterly clueless about the sewing. I fished around in your posts about Patrick's budding obsession with sewing for some hints on where to start with my kid. Any advice? Suggestions for a good starter machine to get her and/or books of the "Idiot's Guide to Sewing" (for me, not her)? Anyone? Beuller?
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Lawsuit. At least in my school system (I'm a teacher), the dress code in the Code of Conduct is not gender-specific. If the CofC didn't specifically designate appropriate clothing according to gender, I think the school board would very tough time getting away with expelling a male student because he chose to wear heels to school. I think even *with* a gender-specific dress code, if a parent was willing to fight hard enough they could probably get it overturned. I personally don't see how it's much different than telling a girl she can't play football just because it's traditionally a "boy's" sport.
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I still do, occasionally.
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I just cannot imagine them talking that much!
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Oh no you didn't! I'm sooooo cracking up down here! Have fun with YOUR husband! Do trust - you can keep him ALL to yourself! ;o)
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