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SAHM and Sign Language Interpreter (RID:CT)
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I hadn't heard a thing until I saw your tweet. I cannot believe the bile being spewed about. I think that I will take the time to email all the resources a commenter posted above and let them know that I do not want Ina taken off the air for this. The hate makes me sick. People are screaming about compassion for that boy yet they have no compassion to give. Horrible, horrible hypocrisy.
I found out my best friend from high school had passed away about 3 years ago (my daughter was an infant at the time so I *always* know how long ago it was). I had to write a post about her. It's still up at -- I feel like you shared your loss with me so I am offering up mine to share with you. Something that occurred to me after I wrote that post: she has acquaintances that will never have a better friend. I bet that's true of you too.
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BikePortland tweeted this, wanted to make sure anyone who came looking at this saw the update: New on Front Page: Breaking: Greenlick bill to be amended; changed to study only
Can anyone tell me who the woman at :55 is? I know her face but don't know why & it's driving me nuts! Thanks, guys, especially Wil for posting this.
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Funny, I long for peace/quiet/silence when we're together & rarely get it. Alone, even with the kids in the house watching a video I'm noisy before I realize that I'm noisy. And all this reading has made me wonder about "Thinking Off" -- I can do it, can you? It's kind of a subtopic in this article.
Our door doesn't have a lock, so we are stuck with threats of a timeout yelled thru the door and the tiny nightstand/table in front of the big wood door. Let's suffice it to say that Mama likes quickies (that should be a blog title) and Daddy is learning that Mama is right.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on Love in the Time of Children at BloggingDangerously
Kit: You know that horrible feeling you had when you were a kid and did something wrong and you weren't sure if your mom knew? It's payback time. You should totally FUCK with your mother and move that box to another cupboard so she's not sure if she put it back in the wrong place or if you did something with it. I'm your new blog-stalker. I've loved everything I've read so far, but this... this... this is Bloggess-level. Wow.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on Dangerous Letters, Vol. 7 at BloggingDangerously
Not a Canadian, but as you said that friends and supporters can sign I'm doing so. This is disgusting, outrageous and all the other adjectives that others have used. When a study shows that many women are willing to consent there is nothing but ignorance and paternalism left to explain why this would still be occurring. Unless you consider conspiracy and evil and lechery to also be possible. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and leave it at ignorance and paternalism. Shame, shame. You wouldn't want someone to do this to your mothers or your sisters. Now stop it. Hmmm. Do they do the same kind of thing with male patients and proctology students?
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As someone with one relatively large tat, and who has a fantasy of the mother/daughter tattoo we could get together one day, I'm ringing in for major fail here. And that was before I got to the DIY part; DIY just brings it to a whole 'nuther level of FAIL. Dang.
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No way is that abuse, I wish I'd thought of it, and yeah, my kids would tell. At least I think they would once they start talking.
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I now follow @kleankanteen on Twitter too.
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I'm @kyouell and I follow you on Twitter.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on You could win a Klean Kanteen! at Stumptown Mom
I would love to win because, as a car-free family, I always have to take beverages with us in the stroller. And, as a work-is-scarce family, I need all the help I can get in affording safe containers.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on You could win a Klean Kanteen! at Stumptown Mom
My husband sent me this, thank God. And thank you! I'm sure he thought I was nuts. It's lovely not to be the only one.
I can't hear the video (need to reboot again, totally my prob not yours), but I'll forget to come back if I do that! I wanted to say that I love the inspiration you give to help newbies like me willing to even try to grow food. I've always had a black thumb, but now I have hope!
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Looks like it works fine once you log in. Yahoo!
Commented May 21, 2009 on Testing, 123 at Biscuit Raising
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I'm in Oregon, found out about this issue through Twitter, and totally support you! I happen to be an interpreter, but that's not why I support it. I happen to be a mom of a little boy with Down syndrome (our kids have a high risk of hearing disappearing suddenly and needing aids), but that's not why I support it. I support it because it's the right thing to do! How can insurance companies cover cochlear implants and not simple hearing aids? It's just not right and we need this legislation to pass in Illinois so that we can eventually get it passed at the federal level. I agree that as a society the costs are too high not to provide this.
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