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I want my blog to be a conduit of inspirational, uplifting thoughts and ideas.
Interests: my life is very dynamic. within the ebb and flow of life my endeavors often vary; however, i am always interested in spending time with old friends and creating new connections. the only constant is my passion for writing.
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Mar 15, 2010
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Jan 31, 2010
That is funny and quite true! I posted that I would like to be an eagle but a house cat gets a lot of attention in exchange for minimal effort. My cat even gets to bite and scratch and I still feed her. Mostly because I am afraid of her and the fact that she might eat my face if I pass out from a bender. Just kidding... But she's still evil yet, I respect her boundaries.
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I would be a bird of prey, preferably an eagle; simply because of the ability to fly and the fact that they are the most protected species. The life span of the more intelligent birds is equal to that of humans. Imagine what could be discovered, experienced with a set of wings?
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