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I think you've come close, but this whole 10 year long debacle has just made us all into victims. Now that he's dead, do you think the airports will open back up? No more searches and seizures? No more limited rights and suspension of rights under the still in place Homeland Security "laws" put into place? Today, tomorrow, it will all be the same. Our freedoms will continue to fall victim from whatever new scare tactic, dictator with an agenda, extremist group that our government can get us to believe is a threat to our freedoms. Sadly, Osama got off easy. The rest of us will continue to be the victims and to pay for his crimes.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on post-terrorism at I cite
Four more days and you would have been what, 44 this year? I'd like to think that you'd crossed the line in your life from Bad Place to Good Place and that we've missed out on lots of great things that would have been going on in your life. Not sure what happened that day, the day we lost you, but the results of it were felt around the world. You pop into my head every now and then, I see things that make me think of you and that makes me smile. I know you may not be here physically, but I will always have a place reserved in my heart for you.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on Too little time..... at A tribute to Marque
I hope Tipper and Pooh have found wonderful new laps to enjoy. Missing you Denise.
Just checked your twitter feed since you haven't posted in a bit. What the heck happened with Hailey? Holy cow! is now following The Typepad Team
Nov 1, 2010