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Thank God no one was hurt! It makes me think of the suicide bombers in Iraq Afghanistan and Pakistan: there are always TWO hits now, the first one to cause crowds to form, the second to do the real damage and massacre the pre-formed crowd. Who will stop a suicide bomber in the heart of a crowd? In the video I saw two arabic characters. And of course with 9/11 there was the 1993 preview. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ALL OF YOU!
These are the rich, idle and spoiled who think its chic to join the communist party, attacking the police who in this case are the workers. I hope no one was seriously hurt.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2010 on Greece: Police Set Afire at Atlas Shrugs
Superb work! Brilliant!!Congratulations! BTW on Yid with Lid, article about how judge put stop to muslim woman wearing headscarf in court. The woman and man in picture look familiar. Like a two from a bunch of top Cair execs you have a photo of, on one of your previous posts about cair. Am I right?
Going epileptic again: in the article you ref, on the second point, Ben Dhimmi-ero writes: "...Geller promoted the claim... debunked by Comedy Central." DEBUNKED BY COMEDY CENTRAL!! As if a bunch of cartoonists with their collective head up their @$$, could KNOW anything let alone rationally DEBUNK it???!!!
UG-LY! as if we don't know TOO MUCH about islime! These parasitic cockroaches, so arrogant in their ignorance of OUR culture, the culture they steal from and then pretend is THEIRS!! Quick, where's the bug spray!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
It seems according to this judge, you are only a "real" journalist if you are owned by sharia-spouting Sheiks(Fox/Times) or anti-Israel joos(NYT).
The title does not make ANY references to terror: THEY have made the inference! Have they got members of the muslim brotherhood in there, telling them what you can do? This is discrimination against non-muslims again!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on SIOA Trademark Sharia Enforcement at Atlas Shrugs
They are both graduates of Oxford, where Tariq Ramadan is a "professor" of Modern Middle East Studies. Oxford is clearly this islamic war's equivalent of Cambridge in the 1930's and 1940's: spy central for the jihadis. Noorani is Iranian and probably IRGC plant(see above) The UK foreign Office is a cess-pit of Arab-lovers and always has been(read Lawrence of Arabia, Sir John Glubb(Glubb-Pasha)and the way the British Gov. handled the Jews and Arabs before the creation of Israel and after.
I love what egghead said! Hussain or rather islam is the new porn.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2010 on at Atlas Shrugs
There is a great French cartoon of Tariq Ramadan, exposing the garbage he spews:
I'd be surprised if it mentioned anything like that; too busy talking of ways of killing the infidel and especially Jews. It would be interesting to know what the old spell-book says about not marrying! BTW, UAE is propping up South Korea;how long before they are in burkhas?
Congratulations Pamela and Robert! This is fantastic; you are turning the tide! This is the best news this year so far. God bless and protect you both!
This muslim freak is a "brave man" for shooting 2 unarmed Jewish salesmen in a mall? Wait till all Jews get armed. All jihadis are cowards; they can only act when they have an advantage, be it weapons or numbers. And Denmark has a fakestinian "embassy"? They'll be doing a Libyan embassy trick next! BTW, the Danish Gov. has taken the Iranian mullahs' silver and are going ahead with building a giant IRGC mosque.
BOTH of these creeps are dhimmis! She said she'd advise them not to do it(in the first place)he said, you've got to give in to jihadis. The only thing is to copy the still where it has the man showing the picture of stick-mo and reproduce it on every blog and web-site. They ARE threatening him and THEY should be arrested, THEY should be fearful, not the cartoonists! The jihadists are the FILTH, the murderers, rapists of young girls and boys.
Education and art MUST NEVER BE POLITICAL: the whole purpose of both is to teach people to think for themselves, to give them the tools to think, otherwise it is mere propaganda! The commies think they are so original, but they are just controlled by their own propaganda. brought an exhibition in a public gallery in London to my attention. so-called "work" by a famous 60's artist, Richard Hamilton,has fallen into the anti-semitic cess-pit. There will be some action on this very soon, can't say more. We will be fighting this.
You can be sure of this: there will be civil war - or rather English people against the muslimes and the police, before the demographics kick in! We hope the British army is not being kept in Afghanistan deliberately,(...) so that it can not assist us in taking our country back.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2010 on This is Britain at Atlas Shrugs
I am definitely e-mailing Miami -Dade County saying I am totally insulted and disgusted that they are spreading lies that Moses Abraham and Jesus are Islamic prophets! Islam was NOT AROUND when our prophets lived! Abraham welcomed all into his tent, Jesus said: "love thy neighbour". This is the opposite of "shitslam"!
I want to second Laura: I cannot believe Haaretz is doing this after their protection of a vicious spy. God forbid, but if there is a war, I hope a scud hits their building and destroys the whole treacherous bunch of nazi traitors! Yes Cate and chuck. While the muslims prepare for slaughter, they blame Israel. I pray God protect Israel.
Shlomo Nicoletti you are right there. That was the nazi in the WH's first act of aggression. I think all paedophiles should be castrated but the mother of that 13 year old girl acted like a pimp: she should have got the sentence! What they are doing to this guy is nazi, evil, sickening, there must be a top lawyer to take his case? What about Alan Dershowitz? there must be thousands of Jewish lawyers capable of throwing this case back in the nazi's faces?
Pamela, if the Palm Beachers want to voluntarily throw themselves under the bus, you are right, there is poetic justice. I wish they would take repulsive UK MP Gerald Kaufman,anti-Israel joo, Lord Woolf - a law lord who set down a judgment saying a crucifix is NOT a necessary part of being a Christian, Sir Geoffrey Bindman, a lawyer who supports muslime causes and all the other kapos in their ivory towers!
URGENT! please help; the Jewish Chronicle in England has published an article re Advertising Standards Authority have FORBIDDEN Israel to use a photo of the Western Wall in Jerusalem as advertising as they say its in "occupied territory" total outrage! Its nothing to do with them to act on political matters or matters that refer to a foreign sovereign power! Please check it out by Jessica Elgort today. If you can, write to: FAO Anthony Roger, ASA, Mid City Place, 71, High Holborn, London WC1B 6QT Thank you!
Richard Jordan; go straight to Saudi Arabia and never come back. Pamela and Robert, you are my heroes! This is so brilliant!Wonderful!
Jerusalem is Jewish for Eternity. Amen.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Just for knowing at Atlas Shrugs