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Such a touching post! I read something yesterday that has stayed with me, "Anger is a habit." It was a reminder of how easy it is to be unhappy, to get in a rut-- but we can break the habit if we choose. Your post touches me in the same way. I've been struggling for a few weeks since my husband and I moved abroad, but then I read about emotional habits, and then the next day my husband unexpectedly brought me breakfast in bed (which he has never done in our 10 years together). All of these little things have come together at the same time and I feel it's time to break the habit and hold onto happiness for awhile. :)
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The bunnies are so wonderful! I would love to have one too!
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2013 on Cold. Snap! at Posie Gets Cozy
I love your last bit about dreaming big! It reminds me of something Donald Trump said, "If you're going to think, you might as well think BIG." As I look back on 2012 I'm proud of my first year earning an income as a freelance photographer and writer. For 2013 I'm focused on pushing myself even harder to grow in my craft and create great work. I've also got to commit to taking control of the financial aspect of my biz. It's going to be an epic year!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2013 on let's do this, 2013! at Oh Joy!
This year I'm especially attracted to the handmade when it comes to Christmas decor. As in years past, I'll be baking Nigella Lawson's ginger cookie Christmas ornaments and hanging them on the tree (she calls for plenty of black pepper in them so kids won't eat them!). I've been inspired by all the handmade advent calendars and will spend some time making my own today. Happy holidays!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2012 on christmas decorations 2012 at frolic!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2012 on happy thanksgiving! at frolic!
Love it! The honey creme fraiche is a great touch!
Gorgeous! I love lemony sweet treats!
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2012 on lemon ricotta doughnuts at elephantine
Oh yay! I like to make apple butter in the crockpot from Canning for A New Generation by Liana Krissoff.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2012 on an apple a day at elephantine
I don't usually add dates to my granola, but it strikes me as a great idea at the moment. What an interesting tip to add an egg white! When I make granola at home, I love the rich and fruity flavor olive oil lends.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2012 on in my kitchen: cranberry date granola at elephantine
As a freelancer I think I get the Thursdays. The husband works 9-5 and I am ready for him to have the weekend off so we can relax together. Having the Thursdays is not as bad as those awful Mondays I used to dread in the 9-5 world, though.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on + at elephantine
I love the energy in this post! The accessories from are so fantastic!
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2012 on mix masters... at Oh Joy!
Love this! Love the fact that it's linen! Love the bunny!
This is exactly how I store things in my pantry. You're right that it's so much easier to see items, and such a pleasure to look at too!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on the beauty of a jar at elephantine
So pretty! I love decorating cakes (and salads) with pansies. Occasionally I find tiny tiny ones at the farmer's market and they are so fun to play with.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2012 on pansy cake! at frolic!
I think the eva satchel is my favorite. This is such a great giveaway!
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2012 on a frolic! giveaway: ellington handbags at frolic!
I really enjoyed that piece in kinfolk, and it's neat to read a little more about it here.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2012 on the woodsman market at frolic!
So inspiring! Thanks for sharing this.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2012 on freilandmuseum lehde at frolic!
These are so fun, and I love the single serving size! Hooray for summer berries!
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2012 on {flavor stories} summer berry tarts... at Oh Joy!
Love the setting and the strawberry cake! Beautifully styled!
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2012 on strawberry + wildflower cake at frolic!
Beautiful! I visited Germany a couple years ago and had a wonderful time. Great photos!
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2012 on a visit to cottbus at frolic!
What a wonderful place!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2012 on a trip to the peony farm at frolic!
Cherries are my absolute favorite during summer and I love this idea! Beautifully styled and photographed as always. I think I'll be making this recipe for the weekend.
How fun! Love the earrings.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on what to wear {saving grace earrings} at elephantine