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The best author bios I have read are from Obert Skye, author of the middle grade fiction series Leven Thumps and Pillage. He changes his bio with every book. Here's a sample. "Obert Skye was born a number of years ago in a town just about the size of the one you are living in. Those who know him are shocked that Fate has picked him of all people to tell the tale of Foo. He is, after all, incredibly uneasy around people and has never desired the spotlight. Obert was last seen, pencil in hand, standing above the mismatched intersection of Twelfth and Pine Streets. If found, please contact us at" As a children's writer he can be a bit whimsical with his bio. His bio is the reason I read the first Leven Thumps book, not the summary.
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May 20, 2011