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I stopped blogging (for now) back in May having blogged since 2004 when blogging was considered to be really strange. Something that really upset me though was a comment on my very last blog saying she'd always thought I was "just like the other bloggers" and didn't realise there was a "real person" behind the blog. I gave up that blog for reasons of time and that I'd moved on from that particular blog but there was definitely an element of blogging not being what it used to be and that newer bloggers had become really cut throat, using the comments section to gain followers rather than to engage with the blogger behind the macaron pics and the quirky stories. That said, I agree with you that not everyone is out there for the free stuff and there are still a lot out there who blog to tell their stories and use their blogs as platforms to showcase their writing. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this is an awesome post on how times have changed but there is still space on the Internet for us all - in it for whatever reason it may be - thank you for your honesty.
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Jul 10, 2016