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Oh, we definitely need to use drought resistant, preferably native, grasses and plants in landscaping. The water-sucking lawns we have now make no sense in an area prone to severe droughts.
There are also some who do say they feel ill when they see people they perceive as "evil." One I was speaking with told me "all you have to do is look in [a particular rock singer's] eyes to see evil incarnate. He is possessed." All I saw was a fairly wild costume and a lot of heavy eye makeup. But I'm not an RTC.
That was a great post and it renewed my faith in humanity for the day. :)
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@ Albanaeon, Don't forget to get the edition that also includes the Gospel of Milton as a special bonus feature. Hell is much more colorful than in the standard Bible. @ Choir of Shades, I'd say your guesses are reasonable. I've chatted with fundamentalists before and many of them have eventually argued with something to the effect of "Well, why should they get some sort of help while I, a hard working/moral/American citizen, don't get anything." The suggestion that not everyone lives under the same conditions is usually ignored. @ Bring the Noise, That was a really impressive, clear breakdown of Scottish politics. Thanks.
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@ chris the cynic That was really a great story at a time when I really needed to hear it. Thanks for reminding me about what's important.
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@ Jason Seconding alienbooknose. Kitty could just be having an off day. Mine do the same every so often. Since his eating, drinking and behavior all seem normal to you then he is probably fine. If any of that changes then it's a good move to take him to a vet. As an observant and concerned cat owner, you will notice if something is wrong and you'll know if it requires an emergency vet versus being able to wait to see your regular vet. I know how hard it is to hold to that after losing an animal suddenly though. (One of my dogs died suddenly a year ago.) It's really easy to lose confidence in your ability to recognize problems but you've still got it. {{hugs}} I also keep an eye on my cats' coats. If they start looking scruffier than usual and don't smell normal it means they are sick most of the time... Please don't think I'm strange for smelling my cats.
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That was great, cephalopod. I can really identify with it as I went through a similar journey. Thanks.
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I don't know about welding gloves, but we were known to use thick leather gardening gloves to handle our deathtabby at times, and he was in turn known to be able to bite right through them. Well, I needed the elbowlength ones to protect my forearms. He'd pinch me but he couldn't get through them. He did, however, quickly learn to strike above them. I was really worried when I brought in my friendly finger biter since Big Fella was pretty rough on other cats. Thankfully, the two got along perfectly from the start. They're best buddies now and can roughhouse with each other all they want. It's made them both a lot easier to handle. Sorry to hear about your tabby. If our pets have one flaw it is that they do not live long enough (unless you own parrots, I guess).
My vet swears that there are also dispositional difference between calicos and tortoiseshells -- I don't know if there is anything other than anecdotal evidence to back her up. She held that all tortoiseshells were, let us say, emotionally unbalanced to the point that they were known to become suddenly (and physically aggressively) angry for no known reason. I've never come across this and I've worked with resuce cats for over ten years and studied animal behavior. :/ I might also say that vets rarely see any cat on a good day. :) Unless they're mine, that is. I'd also hazard a guess that confirmation bias could be at work. If one believes there are behavioral difference based on coat color then one will excuse a certain behavior from Cat A as being stress or something whereas the same behavior will be judged as unpredictable aggression in Cat B. @ Jason- One of my boys does the same thing yours does. He goes "rub my belly...AH, I BITE YOUR HAND!!!" out of the blue. In his case, he never learned manners so he is just an agressive player. I managed to train most of it out of him but if he gets particularly excited he slides right back into it. @ Will Wildman Yup, I have one like your tabby. I had to wear welding gloves when working with him for a few months. I've had him for years now and I still don't trust him at all--but he's one of my favorite cats. However, it is incredibly unnerving to wake up in the early morning with him sitting on my chest purring and giving me the glare of death. It's almost as bad when I open my eyes in the middle of the night and see that my black GSD is just sitting by the bed...staring at me as I sleep... I'm sure there's a Stephen King novel in here somewhere.
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