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Law Offices of Warren R. Shiell
Los Angeles Family Law and Mediation
Interests: We handle everything all aspects of divorce and family law from simple uncontested divorces to high conflict and high net worth divorces involving extensive assets and complex child custody issues such as relocations and custody evaluations. We work with forensic accountants in case involving business valuations and cash flow and marital standard of living analysis for child and spousal support cases. Other family law areas include domestic violence, paternity, post divorce modifications and prenuptial agreements. Warren R. Shiell is a member of the California Bar and has been practicing law for over twenty eight years. Graduating from Oxford University with an M.A in Law in 1985, Warren R. Shiell practiced commercial litigation in the City of London before moving to New York. In New York, Warren R. Shiell handled numerous civil and family law trials and won several appeals at the New York Appellate Division. He was also an adjunct Professor of Law at Syracuse University. After moving to Los Angeles, he practiced family law at several high profile family law firms before founding his own law firm. He has worked on several high profile divorces with celebrity clients. He was a member of the Family Law section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He has lectured and published articles on behalf of various local Bar Associations and has volunteered his time for a number of not-for-profit legal organizations. Our goal is always to settle your case with a minimum amount of conflict and litigation through the use of negotiation, mediation and settlement conferences. We understand that when you entrust your family's future with us, it is our job to give you peace of mind by working towards the best possible settlement for you and your family. Not all cases can be amicably settled. Where negotiations break down, we will zealously litigate your case and fight for your rights. When it is time to fight we will not be intimidated and we will not back down. We are experienced trial attorneys and we pride ourselves on our trial skills. We are devoted to helping you in this difficult time and minimizing the amount of stress created by the divorce process. Every case is important to us and we never take your trust for granted.
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