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Hmm, my experience is a bit different. My former wife drove our divorce and I'm actually very happy for it. We are now excellent friends raising 2 wonderful sons. We decided to put the kids welfare at the core of our plans going forward and let our differences get worked out a bit slower. We started dating around the same time and she's been living with her boyfriend for the last 3 years. I think he's a great guy and couldn't be happier for her. I've decided that being polyamorous is what's going to work for me, I'm very open about this with my family, former wife, and women I'm dating. I don't plan to get married again and I would like to have a live-in partner at some time in the future (but there's no rush). It took me a lot of personal growth work to get here (being poly does require a serious level of honesty). Oh and my career has taken off also because of the growth work. :D
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Jan 20, 2012