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Thanks Liz, for speaking out and for not be carried away by the disruptive and inflammatory comments by Mr. X, who has the hubris of the Godfather. But lets not be carried away either... Your main points are the social-media silencing of a science blogger using his own name individual and the value of pseudonymity in social media. IMHO blogging under a pseudonym doesn't protect you 100%. Blogging under the pseudonym Laika didn't prevent a mr Y (naturopath) to trace me and write a letter to my boss, suggesting that he [mr Y] was "victim of libel propagated by one of your librarians". Luckily I live in a country (the Netherlands), where [quote mr Y] "Dutch law renders her largely immune from legal influence". Mr Y clearly alluded to the good name of the organization I work for. If you are a specialist, and you blog about your specialty, it might be easy to find out who you are. I didn't hide my first name, nor the organization I work for, nor the place I lived. Now I have changed my About Section (less personal alas) and the Disclaimer. I don't want people reaching out to my employers for issues not directly related to my work. These are and should be completely separated. Jacqueline (crossposted a similar comment at Orac's) is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 23, 2011