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Juli Stelle
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Oh Lord, Please be with Beth and Teri and Susan and Savanna and Savanna's parents. Help them feel your presence and your love for them. Help Susan find a job soon and provide for her needs. Help Savanna's sisters to bond in with their new family. Lord, please help your people that are near to Savanna's family circle around this family in your love. Help other women to become aware of Savanna's mother's need for fellowship and surround her with friendship and your love. Help her needs to be met, so that she will have the strength and power of your love to nurture these little girls and bond with them. Help these little girls to attach firmly to their new family, to their Church, to other Christians around them and especially to you, through the work of this family in your name. Also be with my granddaughter, Whitley and my son, Matthew and especially with our Church, that more people would come. And maybe for healing for our Church and for wisdom for us to know what to do to help our Church. In Jesus Name . Amen.
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Lord, please be with Angie and her family. Please continue to provide for them and give them your peace. Also, Lord please provide healing for Angie Thank you, Lord for each person and answer that you are sending.
Lord, Please help His Girl and her family as they minister to this 11 year old girl. Help them to know your will for them concerning the girl. Lord, please work in this situation soon so the the girl may have security and stability. Help the girl to come to know you as her forever Father. Help her to learn to depend on you. Please work things out for everyone involved, so that they may know your perfect will and the plans you have for them.
I need people for our Church or else I need for the Lord to help me let go of it and strength to close it down gracefully. My husband is the pastor. We average about 8 people, but none of them is really able to be very active. I have tried and tried. I have visited. I have gone door to door in the neighborhood inviting people. We have held events. We do have a successful Vacation Bible Club (once a week), because people from other churches help us with it.
Dear Holley, Thank you so much for your words of enCOURAGEment.Please pray for our church, that more people would come. When visitors come, they say they like our srevice, butthere aren't enough people.Your devotion helps me to "Take courage". Lord, please help Marianne's son, Shawn be admitted to the mission school next year. Help him to make good Christian friends that will help sustain him through his teenage years. Help Shawn to be rooted and grounded in his relationship with you. Help all the other needs that are above me and below me also. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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Jul 14, 2010