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Love your site and your sense of humor. Colonel, enjoy your time off.
All, Am I the only one who finds the prospect of an Islamist win in Syria madness? Assad is no Boy Scout but you don't see him cutting folks heads off. At this rate it will take decades to fix what this and the last administration have done to US foreign policy in the ME. As my dad used to say many things can't be fixed.
All, First I am not a expert on Islam, second I am not a Christian, third I must take issue with Mr. Sale's views on the mainstream media in regards to Islam. My experience has been the main stream media has bent over backwards not to offend Muslims. The Islam as a religion of Peace meme is a constant in the MSM. Maybe like my views on Ebola I'm mistaken. Media bias towards Christians I thought would have fairly well known. I have never read the Koran, but I've read about Islam and have tried to keep an open mind. My reading tells me that the men running the Islamic State are Islamic Fundamentalists a term that has gone out of fashion. They are taking a literal reading of the Koran and implementing it. To these men they making a world that will be pleasing to God, they see everyone else not working towards this end as they see it as evil.
Col Lag, First I would like to thank you for this blog. Second the Ebola hype is just that. I would urge people to read some of the very good books on the 1918 pandemic. If Ebola had been an airborne virus the number of infected would be in the hundreds of millions and the dead in the tens of millions by now. There is something about these times that people look for something to panic about. I remember the hysteria over Fukushima. The northern hemisphere or everything west of the Rockies was suppose to be a radioactive wasteland depending on what wild eyed blog you read. Or the Gulf oil spill that was suppose to end all life on the seas. Last time I was at Costco there was plenty of sea food for sale. I would urge people to relax there are enough real dangers out there.
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Hi All, The link below is a u tube link to a urban warfare center in Israel. I'm not sure about the sites policy of outside links I think it's enlightening as to Israeli military thinking.
All, I had to comment on the above article. The USA, China, Iran, may grudgingly come to the agreement ISIS must be crushed. That wont solve the long term issue that there is a large number Islamic fundamentalists both Sunni and Shia who want to change the world. Both sects disagree sometimes violently on how to go about it. Iran has sponsored it's own groups. The Saudis have played the game of giving money to fundamentalists in the past, in exchange for leaving the Kingdom alone. I think the rise of ISIS may have put the fear of God into the Saudis, and annoyed Iran. ISIS may be crushed, but this movement will keep evolving and growing in the long run.
The last paragraph about Lincoln is why I love history so much.
This is so short sighted I'm amazed. If you look at the growing train wreck O Care is becoming, and god knows what else if looming on the horizon. If the Dems are not careful the GOP will be able to run Lassie and beat whoever the Dems put up in 2016 including Hill. They could louse the House and the Senate for years. This was not smart.
I think with the present bunch in charge at the WH this can go on for a while. Think Fast and Furious, think IRS and the Tea Party, Benghazi. The only reason the O Care mess is getting any coverage is because it's hard to hide the fact folks medical insurance rates have gone to the moon. I never thought very much of John Kerry. I suspect he might be pondering a run in 2016 if Clinton juggernaut falters, a lot can go wrong in 2014. Somebody as egotistical as John Kerry might think he has a shot. I've never been a big believer in conventional wisdom, and the Clinton's have their fair share of enemies. As much as a mess as things are he might be able to pull it off.
I've all ways thought the present huffing and puffing by SA was to put pressure on people in the beltway either partly or totally dependent on money from SA, to put pressure on the WH. SA knows the US is a far bigger stick than Pakistan or any group of partners they could bribe or rope together. I don't think SA be successful. BHO has one unpopular war he has escaped from and is trying to get out of another. I think this guy just wants Syria to go away. I think BHO painted himself into a rhetorical corner, and a highly amused Russia tossed him life line, while bolstering Syria. How SA will respond will be interesting to watch.
What I find irritating about this whole situation is the US is 12 Trillion in debt. The Fed is buying billions mortgage and other bonds per month to keep down interest rates. This shut down will be nothing compared to what will happen if the dollar tanks, or we have our Greek moment. If interest rates get above 4 percent the money used to pay on the debt will consume a large chunk of tax revenues. That will trigger either higher interest rates to attract buyers of US debt putting us in a spiral I don't want to think about, or cause the markets to dump US debt. Either or you would have a problem paying basic Government services let alone this on going health care train wreck. The political ineptness of the Republicans is simply breath taking. They can't get the WH back and they lost the Senate. There are people who think we will never see another Republican President again. The Tea Party is the only political group I know of who are trying to keep the US from blowing it's fiscal head off (With little to show for it I might add). The left seems to think we can tax anything productive that moves and that will solve everything. What a mess!
This reads article makes some very good points. To say the Russians invaded Afghanistan for no legitimate reason boggles the mind. I like Ron Paul, but like a lot of Americans he looks at America though rose colored glasses. That said somebody, I forget who once said "we are all hero's in out own play" That's the case with people as with nations. People as with nations are loth to give credit when credit is due. The US has came a long way since the Nineteenth Century. The Russians have came a long way since the end of the Soviet era, but the Russians have had a much darker road to travel a Civil War, The Soviet era, The end of the Soviet era, Stalin, a World War, I believe from a demographic stand point The Russians are still paying for. I believe the world owes both nations a great debt. The Russians for stopping Hitler, and proving to anybody not delusional and willing to look with an open mind proving that Communism doesn't work. The United States, for holding the line against Communism, and for government by the working Joe holding the vote works (or at lest used to). Both nations still have a long way to go.
The YouTube clip is just priceless.
Maybe my brain is not fully engaged this morning after my early morning bike ride. I need something explained to me what is in Israel's long term interests in having a bunch of wild eyed Wahabi Sunnis running Syria? I understand the need to keep the pot boiling and keeping Iran out of your back yard, but sooner or later somebody is going to get the upper hand right now it looks like Assad. Maybe a break up of Syria I can see that as being in Israel's long term interests. Other than the Iran thing I can't make much sense out of Israel backing the rebels.
Examine their moral compasses what rot!!!! (I'm going to nice) Is it just me or are we about to have our Guns of August moment? We have a bunch of people in the western political leadership who seem just a inept and short sighted as Kaiser Bill, Nick the Second, Uncle Franz, and the many others who tumbled into the abyss in 1914. When you boil this down this is a Sunni Shia proxy war with SA wanting the US and the west to do it's dirty work. I can't see Iran sitting quietly by while the Sunni's take Syria. They louse Syria then the next round of bloodletting is Iraq, they louse Iraq they're surrounded. The only wild card is Russia, but I don't see Russia going to the wall for Syria. Iran can't challenge the US directly but they can indirectly, that's how we can fall into the abyss of 2013.
Either somebody over played their hand or somebody has been criminally stupid, or both.
I think you can call America the Accidental Empire. After WWII with communism needing to be contained, with the European powers on the ropes, in a couple of examples out cold on the mat there was simply no one else. The United States eventually took over the roles of the UK and the French. A role in my option we where not equipped for and are still struggling with. Lets face it, with a few examples most of our so called elites like most Americas are not out ward looking. They find the out side world puzzling and wish they where more like us. It's not surprising BHO and his cronies are having a hard time getting the grips with a place a hideously complex as the middle east. A combination of ignorance, wishful thinking arrogance, and with this bunch political correctness has lead us to this sorry state. Well at lest we will be living in interesting times.
I can't help thinking the events over the last couple of weeks including the comments by Saad al-Hariri is a attempt by SA to consolidate power and leadership within the Sunni world. I'm not sure how deep SA backing of the present government in Egypt and backing of the Sunni rebels in Syria are but it sure looks like making lemonade out of lemons. Could this be the opening moves of a showdown with Iran?
I got bike in the first week of June. I got a trail bike which may look a little chunky. I love mine. If you planning on tooling around town I would suggest a road bike with gears. Inclines can be brutal if you're a little out of shape. On brands that has been covered by the other posters but I'll add my three cents. Trek (The brand I have) Schwinn, and other brands that have been mentioned are all great bikes. Good Luck have fun.
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I first have to admit I have not read any of the afore mentioned comments. It's a shame that people cannot have a civilized discussion about the events of the day.
I'm not hopeful Congress will rise to the occasion. I've seen to many examples from fast and furious to the ongoing NSA saga to have any faith Congress will stop this ongoing madness. The Republicans will no act because their cowards, and the Dems will stop backing their guy regardless of the long terms damage done to the nation.
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Jun 30, 2013