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Hal Lamster
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I agree with AndrewYF, Jeff and John-YF. While we all wallow in the mud of baseball stats, each generation of players is so different that it is very hard to compare. And each era had its own set of cheaters that were ignored. So the 50-80's might be the era of the amphetamine and the 90's and early 00's will be the era of steroids. And there are so many ass-holes in the HOF that a few so-called cheaters will not make the average integrety any worse. You have a game that ignored negro baseball players for a nearly a century. It was and probably still is full of bigots from Cap Anson, through Ty Cobb to John Rocker. And a number of those are HOFers. I think if they posted the numbers they deserve to get into the HOF - including Pete Rose, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds
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Jan 13, 2010