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Thanks for all your answers ladies! I think the uni system might work differently in the UK but like I said, I don't really have to worry about that just yet - I was just curious how others saw it! Rachel - I agree completely that there are so many different options, but because both my husband and I went to uni and loved it (he's studying for his PhD right now!) I would obviously want our children to have the option if they wanted it. Anyway, thanks :)
Hi! I haven't commented before but I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have loved meeting your family and seeing how you live. I see many similarities with how I was brought up, even if on the surface my life was more 'mainstream'! I'm really interested in the education side of things though, as although we don't have children yet, my husband and I have already spoken about homeschooling in some way when we do. I think one of my reservations is what happens when the kids get older - what are your thoughts on the university/college issue? I wouldn't force my kids to go to uni but I would want them to have the opportunity (my husband and I both have masters degrees)but obviously for that to happen they have to have gained recognised qualifications somewhere along the way. I know you're a long way from that at the moment but I wondered what your thoughts are on that? (Oops, didn't mean this to turn into an essay!)
I *love* that photo with the avenues of orange trees leading back to the mountain in the background. I remember being ridiculously excited when I was about 7 or 8 and we went to Spain on holiday - there were oranges growing on the trees! And we could eat them! I should point out that in our garden at home I could pick plums, damsons, apples, gooseberries, raspberries and redcurrants...but the oranges seemed so exotic :)
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I bet they smell amazing! Wish we had citrus gluts over here, in general it's a bit pricey to buy so many that you don't know what to do with them :) I'm off to research hemp twine now...
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There are some beautiful pictures here - love the pony with its head in the bucket :) I think you've made some really valid points - how do you achieve that longed-for lifestyle without being so tied down that you end up resenting it? We're years away from having to make that decision but it is something I already think about fairly often. My husband has grand plans for a smallholding with tree nursery etc, and we've got a reasonably concrete plan for what sort of business would allow us to fund such a lifestyle (I have hopes to open a small cafe with homegrown produce and make use of my baking skills!) but always at the back of my mind is 'remember not to get carried away...' I have much more experience of looking after animals than T and know how much time and energy it can take - even if you love every minute of it. And like you, I love travelling! I really think it can be done, but I'd be interested to see how others recommend achieving the right balance.
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I can't talk about this from a parent's perspective, but I know that growing up, my mum always gave me plenty of time and space to just be myself; to find out for myself what I enjoyed doing to relax, and I suppose to get to know that sometimes it's wonderful to stop and take time to do something *because you enjoy it*. I used to read, write, draw, make things, play with the animals...things that I also used to enjoy in company and in a 'schedule' of sorts, but sometimes were better to do in my pyjamas in the middle of the day :) Now I take have no guilt in stopping and doing something 'lazy' (apart from when it stems from me avoiding doing something really important!) and I think it has really benefited me as an adult. Some people seem to get very stressed and are unable to turn off from Important Things That Must Be Done, whereas I know that if I stop and read a chapter with a cup of tea, the world won't end, and my jobs will be much easier afterwards.
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That food looks gorgeous. And what a strawberry patch! We could usually do the veggie part of that meal - this year, the slugs are winning out :( - but the meat, not so much...and wine would be pretty tricky even if we had acres to play with! Oh well...I'll just sit here quietly and marvel at your sunshine...
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2012 on A 100 metre meal at little eco footprints
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Hi Tricia, just thought I should say hello! I came across your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying seeing how you have come to the point you are at now, with your own land and plans for cows, compost toilets and so on! It's something my husband and I are aiming for at some point, but it's great to share the experience of someone who is already living it. On the point of raw milk - how crazy this world is that milk is banned but pesticides, carcinogens and chemicals of all varieties are legally pumped into the environment? I'm not sure of the status of raw milk over here (UK) but I read something recently about plans to increase consumption of it. I'll dig the article out... M
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Jul 10, 2012