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That's really odd how you're having so much trouble with ranked matches. While, yeah, it can take a few minutes for me to get a match on ranked I do get them and only about one or two had some sort of lag; the rest have excellent to very good connections. Sorry to hear you're having problems.
I had no idea that this show was being fansubbed again! Briger/Bryger is just simply awesome; I saw the first episode raw years ago and I could just tell how awesome it was without even having subs... That's how cool this show is.
"seeing a Banpresto logo on a game aside from Super Robot Wars was like seeing the Acclaim logo on a game in the 90s: a seal of reverse quality" Hey, Batsugun is also considered a high-quality game... Though, granted, Banpresto only published it and it was already a few years old at the point it was released on the Saturn... Back as you were.
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Jan 13, 2011