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Fredric Landqvist
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Technology is a word for something that doesn't work yet! I do belive that the intranet is organic, and should be cultivated as you state in this nice post. Still we get notions from either platform providers or management that it could easily be fixed. The low user adoption ratio, with yet another techie thing? The Governance of Intranets will have to be using the notions of cultivation, care and hospitality. My research friend Cladio Ciborra ones stated the phrase: "Technology Drifting" given that most enterprise wide systems installations failed. Since the techie folks wanted to freeze the organisation and take a snapshot and add the tech remedy, whereas the social organism didn't stand still.... it moves (drifting). This is why I think the intranet will foster learning spaces where people tinker, and make-do to get their everyday life in order with the flow of events.
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Aug 30, 2010