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Agree, agree, and felt a great sense of relief reading this because I'm one of those people trying to innovate into the old system rather than throwing everything out. So, not broken. What about antiquated? (I like the hats) I hear this all the time - that the big problem with education is that it's *old*, its patterns of learning are antique, it aims toward an industrialized electorate instead of a postmodern world of teamwork and crowdsourcing. Thus the desire (often, as you note, self-serving) to throw out the old models. And yet, as a history prof myself, I must say that there's no substitute for intensive reading and analysis of the kind you describe. The marvelous, wonderful educational change is in the access to the huge resources you mention. If you class ignored those, or didn't use them, that would be the real shame. Then we wouldn't be building on what we have, or tinkering toward anything.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2012 on Education in 'not broken' shock at The Ed Techie
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Dec 6, 2012