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happy new year carla! i've been burning the beautiful new year candle from zena moon yesterday & today. it's helping me focus b/c my 2011 didn't start off all that great. it can only get better!
it baffles me how people calling themselves "christians" can be so filled with hate, fear, intolerance, ignorance..... i certainly don't need to tell you that it's "ok" to let people go & be out of our lives. it has happened to me & i'm sure to all of your readers. i'm sorry for the pain this person caused you. let's send her light-- sounds like she needs it!
hi there, my rescue has a black spot on her tongue-- what does that mean? hope you doggie heals well.
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happy birthday carla! i hope you enjoyed your special day! may you have many more! xo alane
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on 10 wishes for my new year at zena musings
i agree with all that olivia said too. one day at a time. enjoy what life is giving you at this moment.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on When Good is Good Enough at zena musings
talk about honesty! and pouring your hearts out! that poem gave me the chills & i totally appreciate you sharing your feelings carla. i struggle with "exposing" my feelings to people & reading your blog helps me realize that it's ok to share, people, even strangers (like me to you) can relate & hope the best for you & not judge you (one of my fears). so thank you again for putting it out there-- maybe someday i'll do the same. alane
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What a great picture. Thank you for posting it. I'm loving your candles! They are great! I think the thing about grief is that it doesn't allow you to be in the present moment. At least that is what I found. Life is so different after a loss-- some people just don't get that. I'm glad you are being good to yourself & doing what you need to do. May you find some peace in each new day.
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Hi Carla, I received my shipment of candles today. Thank you so much. You had mentioned in an earlier post that you packing your orders with tears in your eyes, so this package is extra special for sure. Again I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had many sudden losses in my life & it doesn't get easier. But I've learned the importance of taking care of myself, expressing myself to others & facing my reality with honesty helps. Sounds like you are doing all that too. May you find peace in each day, alane
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2010 on Sacred Life Sunday: A New Normal at zena musings
hi carla, i ordered a few candles the other day so i appreciate your efforts during this time of grief. the way you express your grief is so touching-- thank you for sharing your grief-- when i lost my golden suddenly last year, i WISH i could have expressed myself as openly as you are. your words are helping me heal too, so again thank you. i'm glad you received such a special gift in the mail-- i'm sure things like that help. prayers to you, alane
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Jul 21, 2010