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Thank u for sharing and thx for the comments...u arent alone in this, me and my friend have discussions abt it for long. feeling not good enough, not interesting, not beautiful, not "whatever" and beating ourselves up not being able to create the "good" stuff according to the LoA... we know we create it all by our beliefsystem, and instead of accepting all that comes and see it as an opportunity, we still judge, label it with "good" and "bad", and by doing it we just feed the beliefsystem...being not good enough, cause the things, we label as BAD still happen. There is no bad or good, its all an opportunity, its soemthing that lets us feel alive, even if it makes u cry ( and ive been in lots of that old shit, not sick, but deeply desparate). always looking for confirmation that i am on my way up and of course the opposite happened alot, feeding my belief, that i am just not able to create something good for me...( and i created lots of "good" things, but of course i could only see what i thought is bad.) be nice to urself, love urself like u are, embrace the "shit" and try to see urself with the eyes of ur beloved ones, how they would look at u...u ll discover alot what u couldnt see yet lots of love, petra
Hello, Karen...thx for sharing this ( and yes, you are looking great !, it reminded me of my struggle to quit my job and the fear to loose in a way my identity by doing it. well, I havent regret that I had the courage to go, but I am grateful every day, although I still havent started something new yet. I also decided some time ago to let my fear move my mind I let her pack her suitcase and gave her a farewell, but sometimes she lurks around a corner, waving...and at first I tried to ignore her or push her away, but for me it works much better, when I welcome her back, embrace her and acknowledge that I can transform the situation, when i go through it hand in hand with her ( well, my fear looks like a she ). Fear belongs to my life, but its not ruling it anymore! I liked the comparison with the gardening a lot...I had to remove old rosebushes lately and had the same idea...there were some very long and deep going roots...and I couldnt dig them out, but had to cut them...they are still there, but I can live with them and plant something new. Always love your posts, big hug from here Petra
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Nov 30, 2010