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It's sad isn't? When I came out as a lesbian, I feared I might lose friends, but in reality I lost only two -- and they were supposedly the most "spiritual" among them-- a church-going, volunteering, supposedly christian couple I'd know for years and years. As for being called names -I've heard them all. My partner has even been attacked because of her orientation. To me the spiritual lies in realising that every single thing on this Earth is interrelated and absolutely totally connected both physically and vibrationally. What you do to another, you also do to yourself; whether you believe it is karma or some transgression of divine law. Not enough people know that the original words Jesus uttered were not, "Love your neighbour AS yourself," which is a mistranslation. His words actually were, "Love your neighbour because he IS yourself." Jesus knew how interconnected were all are (and I include the entire cosmos in that relationship) and what havoc gets created when we forget it.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2011 on You're Not Spiritual at This Boyer Life
Wow Janet, what a great blog post. I read this and felt a great positive learning energy come from it. Thank you.
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Jan 5, 2011