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i never did use the cd cases in the old packaging (kept a binder system). i could use the new packaging to organize my cards by occassion, month, etc. what i love most about pti is the easy and multiple access to inspiration from the design team. when i'm stumped for ideas, this blog is my first stop! happy, happy anniversary pti!
All I can say is, "Whoah!" Hallmark's got NOTHING on us now! You just promoted us home card makers to pro!
Butterflies are timeless and convey such a broad spectrum of sentiments. Will be adding these to my butterfly collection. Just beautiful!
All I can say is, "Whoah!" Hallmark's got NOTHING on us now! You just promoted us home card makers to pro!
can't believe how much i've missed since i've been away for a month or so. you guys rock! love the tabs die!!!
must. have. dress. form!!!
already thinking of projects w/ the largest box banner die!
can't wait to see all the sentiments in the Warm Happiness Too set!
yipee! i was waiting for the matching dies before adding In Bloom stamps to my cart! thank you! thank you!
i'm a clean and simple girl and love your design of LIFE MOMENTS CARD!
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on Introducing Larger Than Life at {capture the moment}
i love the versatility of this die, but the stamp fillers can stand on their own, too.
i love dawn's designs! she has a signature style that i immediately recognize in magazines before i even read her name in the caption. awesome work!
beautiful projects! you guys have amazing talent to come up w/ your designs! so excited for the release!
being the only crafty person in my family, i'm the giver and hardly the receiver of handmade gifts. however, my sister is a painter and the best handmade gift i ever received was a painting from her. she has since become a paid artist w/ several gallery representations and i'm proud to have a one of a kind w/ her signature on it!
gorgeous projects as always! i have my shopping list and checking it twice. so excited for tonight's release!
amazing set and color combos on the finished projects. i have an island girl niece to give the aloha set to as a gift.
this is my favorite kind of green. love it! love it!
coming up with the right words inside the card is always tough for me. thank you for making it easier w/ inside & out: thank you!!!
ahh, so versatile w/ so many possible uses for personalized gifts!
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on Introducing Just for You at {capture the moment}
an A2 envelope liner die? you guys just know how to win us over every single month!
i gotta, gotta, gotta have those cloud dies!!! and white felt, too.
Amen, Jenn! So encouraged to share my step mom love with you. I have a 20 y/o stepson (whom I raised from childhood) in the Army and a 2 y/o daughter by birth. Reflecting on the last decade, God's hands at work in my family has become so clear to me. And for either of my children, by birth or not, I would lay my life!
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May 9, 2010