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Jay, I for one would have probably sold my D800 in a heartbeat if Nikon would have built a digital FE/FM or F3. I prefer the larger viewfinder of the F3. The biggest problem with the Df is that it's too cluttered and it still tries to be a fully automatic camera. I think Nikon should start with the F3's exact dimensions as a maximum. They should integrate an LCD and menu navigation buttons. They should add *ONE* rotary encoder (engineering speak for control wheel) to the front or back to control the aperture setting for G lenses. They should automatically obey the aperture ring of any non-G lens. They should have a couple of fully programmable buttons for AF-ON/AE-L/AF-L etc. They should have a way to set indicate auto program aperture (when in shutter priority) for non-G lenses. I think when a non-G lens is connected, the aperture wheel could just set auto or manual aperture instead of controlling aperture. It should have an optional split prism or microprism focusing screen. It should have an metering method switch. It should work with every Nikon F mount ever made (including those needing a mirror lockup). Like an F3 it should have an ISO wheel (with an auto setting *on the wheel*), a shutter speed wheel, and maybe an additional +/- 3 EV comp wheel. It should not have: a flash a mode dial a mode button a movie/video mode As for which sensor? Heck, I'd take a D3S or even a D700 sensor. But I think the 24MP D600 sensor would be a nice fit. The key is, it has to be no bigger than an F3. Ideally an FE with an F3 viewfinder would be ideal. If they make *that* then yes, I'll buy it. I promise.
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Jan 7, 2014