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I he to say this but bama has a good chance of winning. And to blame? Well, all those supporting Bush in the last election. He wrecked the party and gave us 1. huge deficit 2. war that is endless 3. largest govt we have ever had. 4.housing slump. 5. home defaults. 6. inflation. 7. contempt worldwide. thanks a lot folks!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2008 on President McCain or President Obama? at BlackFive
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You poor guy! so many Dems did not vote the way you wanted them to vote! wow. They must thenm be wrong. But wait: the Dems supported a war because--hey Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, right? Lie one. Well, then, Saddam pals with al Qaeda right? wrong...well then: we are bring democracy to Iraq, right? wrong; they are now in a civil war, admit it or not! and their proposed constitution screws over women and their rights and Iran is going to be in charge! Read more and stop being taken in by bs you find all about you...the big winner is IRAN. Now, if you want to call me a commie, or anything else, ok. But first read latest news to note that we will be pulling out a lot of our forces, willy nilly, next year. Why: Iraq police and security ready to take over? Not accoreding to the Pentagon! So you keep counting the votes in congress...but better, why not offer to go and help out over there.?
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2005 on Naming Names at The Cool Blue Blog
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