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Thank God some judges don't drink the Kool-aid. I hope this is a beginning of clearer thinking on animal behavior.
Brilliant! Many thanks for such a well-thought out and eloquent piece. Larkin Vonalt Redchief Foxhounds
The t-shirt appears to have been removed. I reported the bumper stickers and also a few other items that recommended killing people. (Perhaps Zazzle should just remove the word "Euthanize" as a permissible word on products sold there. It's hard to imagine any situation in which it would even be acceptable, let alone witty.)
For those people that believe Michael Vick has "done his time" and should be able to do what he pleases now, you have to remember that some crimes carry lifelong prohibitions. If you commit a felony, you can no longer own a gun. While I consider dogs "property," (for legal rather than philosophical reasons) it is my considered opinion that like guns, Michael Vick should no longer be allowed to own dogs. One has to wonder what he told his daughters when they inquired as to the fate of their previous pet. It was thrown into the ring with fighting dogs, as her death was "entertaining."
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Dec 17, 2010