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Morrison's only tickets are those he has on himself.
Very true in the case of the Australian's of the 1st AIF in France during WWI. The only data for the 1896 cohort available for Australia with any sort of ease of access would be that from the Australian Army's records, in particular their Attestation Forms upon enlistment, with the 1896 cohort of course being 18, and the minimum age to volunteer for the AIF in 1914. But the minimum height requirement for the AIF was 5'7", which was more than 2 inches greater than the average height of the British Army during WWI. This despite the fact that the British Army found that when conscription was introduced their 18 year olds actually grew significantly (on the order of one and three quarter inches) after joining the Army and going onto Army rations which included a greater proportion of red meat than they consumed in civilian life.
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Under 16 boys teams are where womens' teams rank in terms of competitiveness, in pretty much all sports where speed and strength count. The top under 16 boys tennis doubles team would be a match for the best womens team, and the list goes on.
It's a classic case of the cockroaches screaming abuse at the person turning on the light in the kitchen. And that's the level this mob in the ALP and the union movement are at, that of cockroaches.
Let's see now, UN mission to Kosovo, which was a UN sell out to a muslim group, and then working with UNRWA which is nothing but a UN front group to support anti-Israeli efforts by fakestinians. She very likely supports the terrorists.