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Everton should sell Pienaar and buy Donovan.
I voted for the blog, early and often :-). Okay, not so often. Always for a fellow Jersey guy and some of the best coverage of MLS and US Soccer.
"[...] postponed due to the weather." So, what do the people advocating the MLS switch to the winter schedule have to say about that?
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Following from RB Arena :-).
China does checkbook diplomacy all over the world. However in the case of Costa Rica, it's because of Taiwan.
Toronto hat trick of bad plays: own goal, blatant handball / red card / pk then goal keeping gaffe.
I see that he's played in Mexico, France and Spain, but how good is his English?
ESPN has a good article by Leander Schaerlaeckens on him and the evolution of the US youth system.
What the hell is a CAM? Seriously... As for Torres, he hasn't fully proven himself. Sure, his playing when the USA doesn't have the ball has improved, but... that was in the second half against a half-motivated Turkey in mildly stifling heat. (note: he cites watching video of Michael Bradley as a factor in his improvement). However, against a motivated, fully fit and physical team that will press hard in cool temperatures, the jury is still out on Torres (see the game against Netherlands). I don't watch much Mexican soccer, but I get the impression that the Mexican league doesn't emphasize pressing as much as European leagues or top international football. For Torres, that means on offense, he's going to have less time to make decisions with the ball, and on defense, he'll have to be very fit and be able to read the game (zonal marking).
Whether he gets to South Africa or not depends on how fast and savvy he is. I can't recall any of his MLS games and haven't watched any his games in Mexico. Can someone give me a scouting report? He's got to be the speed guy to stretch defenses and create space for the midfield. Can he be a constant threat to make diagonal runs, keeping the opposing wing backs home? If he can do that in the upcoming friendlies, he may even get the starting job. Scoring buckets of goals for one season doesn't mean that much. Otherwise, we'd be starting Michael Bradley up top.
What? No Michael Bradley bashing? No blaming nepotism for his playing time? Ugh, AC Milan is not in a good place right now. And the ball bouncing off the post was compensation for the penalty no-call at the other end.
Beasley is beyond out of form. It's disappointing, since he had a great 2002 World Cup, and it wasn't that long ago he was doing okay in Glasgow, up to the point of playing in Champion's League Qualifiers, UEFA Cup and even taking corners and free kicks.
Jermaine Jones could not have come at a better time. Especially since it's quite easy to speculate on what if Mo Edu was playing Costa Rica and Italy. Now, about that no. 10 position... The defense wasn't that bad either, but then again, all those guys have top flight European experience and didn't look like chumps then either.