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Margot Cleveland is a treasure.
If you want to make money running a strategy company, these days especially, your company is going to be pit vipers and other types of serpents. And if you're known by the company you keep well I guess that's the risk of that line of work. No doubt there are many honorable people wading about through the gigantic fetid swamp enveloping the upper echelons of global power. They should consider that the rest of us are past the point of caring or differentiating between who is and isn't honorable in that swamp.
Mirtchev may be a great guy but the company he keeps stinks; Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at the Woodrow Wilson Center; vice president of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, London; and board director and executive committee member of the Atlantic Council of the United States. Don't know much about the middle one, but the bookends deserve about three of those little green barfing emojis each.
The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open. Does anyone doubt they will try to give this the same trajectory as every other perversion they have prior?
I'm sure some judge will extend the eviction moratorium all by his lonesome like the prog creep down in Arkansas told the state they couldn't end the enhanced unemployment benefits even though he admitted it was a voluntary program for the states.
I'm assuming like seemingly everything else they do, our public health guys take a tiny sample that they do sequence and then extrapolate from that. They might as well take their integrity and credibility out, douse it with lighter fluid and toss a Charlottesville tiki torch on it.
Michael Every, smart Rabobank guy on our insane and idiotic economy and the growing resemblance of our largest Tech and TBTF monsters to the East India Company.
Maybe they do check vaccination status on anyone hospitalized but who at this point knows or trusts anything they say? Include me out.
John, It says "...of those a tiny 5,000 whatever caught breakthrough Covid and were hospitalized."
The problem with that graph is the CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases in May. So how can they know how many there have been? Those numbers don't jibe with a great many others, like Israel's. Pretty much every part of media and all of government and public health have destroyed whatever credibility they had, except among the binky and ball gag set of True Believers.
--Kroger Cheez Whiz index holding steady at 5.79.-- LOL
Just another day in Minneapolis; Judge let's psycho out on bail, psycho cuts woman's head off in broad daylight on a public street. He violated the terms of his bail and the DA petitioned to revoke it in March. The defense told the court it was going to seek a mental illness defense and the judge said he could observe his mental illness. Judge didn't consider a mentally ill arsonist who couldn't satisfy the terms of his bail a danger and let him out anyway. Woman gets head cut off. Judge gets raise and a nice fat pension.
Criminy; Secretary of State Blinken Calls China's New Role in Afghanistan 'a Positive Thing'. If he meant now that the Chicoms are embracing the eternal tar baby of the Hindu Kush, it's a positive because they'll regret it like every other dope that dips its toes in that cesspool does I'd tend to agree with him. But he doesn't because he's an egregious fool. China may fare better than most as I assume it will simply suck the place dry of its mineral wealth and leave it as miserable as it found it, but even that will probably prove less profitable than they assume. Not sure why people worry about a rogue black hole hitting the earth. We've had one sitting between Persian and Pakistan for several thousand years. Stay away from it and it won't suck you in. Cross the Khyber Pass event horizon and you're toast.
I suspect any value Biden and the Dems might see in pumping and dumping the virus will prove increasingly illusory as anyone not already a demented prog grows increasingly sick of the kabuki. That will be especially true if it is coupled with continuing inflation and a worsening economy.
I have no doubt Ivermectin is a safe and very effective treatment for Wuflu. The credible numbers indicate that unequivocally. However Scott Gottleib notes that these Delta variant peaks are short lived wherever they have turned up indicating that possibly because it seems to spread easier it burns its own wave out quicker. And he predicts ours will do so as well.
Wonder what motivated him - the CCP?
David French is to the Old Right as David Horowitz is to the New Left; an absolute traitor. The difference of course being that being a traitor to Marxists is honorable but being a traitor to WF Buckley, James Burnham, Russell Kirk, Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater is about as dishonorable as it gets.
I've grown fond of Trading Economics commodity site.
--All their "Wealth Management Products" are fraught with extreme risk.-- I am bewildered that it turns out it's risky to invest in a communist dictatorship. Unless you're a Biden.
The claim is dozens if not hundreds of cops were injured on 1/6. They also say they have arrested 500+ rioters and have literally thousands of hours of video. How many, if any, of the protestors have been charged with assault? There was no fire extinguisher, there was no bear spray from the guy they arrested for it. So if there really were all these assaults just exactly who was committing them and why are so few, if any, arrested and charged?
--The friction comes because she could have pulled out earlier and allowed another to go to Tokyo.-- From wiki; 2021 In May, Biles competed at the U.S. Classic. She debuted a Yurchenko double pike vault, which no woman had ever completed before, on her way to another U.S. Classic all-around title.[122][123] The new vault was given a preliminary value of 6.6, making it the highest valued vault in women's gymnastics.[124] In June, Biles competed at the U.S. National Championships and won her 7th national all-around title and qualified for the Olympic Trials.[125] In addition to winning the all-around title by 4.7 points, Biles also placed first in the vault, balance beam, and floor exercise, as well as third in the uneven bars. At the Olympic Trials, Biles placed first and earned an automatic spot onto the Olympic team. So she blasted the competition just last month in the trials. Even if she was having trouble in the ensuing month how many world and Olympic champs would pull out under those circumstances. None is my guess. --A best analogy would be like the yips in golf.-- Yeah, I was thinking of Steve Sax and Chuck Knobloch [sp?] in baseball.
In reading up on Shun Fujimoto turns out he didn't have a broken leg but a severely sprained knee. The dismount from the rings tore several ligaments and dislocated his kneecap. He hid his injury to try and put the Japanese team over the top which he did. But, demonstrating the limits of everyone's heroism, when someone asked him if he would do it again he admitted "No, I would not."
I really don't get the Simone Biles criticism. After our useless athletic system betrayed her by letting her be abused by that Nasser creep she came back to become one of the greatest gymnasts of all time with numerous individual and team gold medals. Now, when burnout or pressure or whatever took their toll she pulled out because she couldn't perform up to Olympic standards. I've never heard her whine or complain or shoot her mouth off about pretty much anything. When someone as great and as tough as she has proven herself to be has to pull out I have no criticism of her, but it does make a performance like that Japanese gymnast in Montreal who hid his broken leg so he could perform on the rings, knowing the dismount might ruin his leg permanently all the more amazing.
That Julie Kelly link is something. If a white cop had shot an unarmed black woman coming through a doorway would the GOP choad say that was just dandy? If an unarmed person isn't complying with orders you either let him or her go if there is no particular danger or you arrest them. Then he compounds it by saying the officer was found innocent of any wrongdoing. Huh? A leftwing prosecutor let him off the hook because he shot an enemy of the state. That's not quite being found innocent. By that logic the guy who put the icepick through Trotsky's brain was innocent cuz Stalin didn't prosecute his own assassin. The GOP better purge these softies or they're going to be holding a going out of business sale.
And ManTran.