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--Ig you're on fire today...-- Not sure what that's in reference to, Matt, but here is some more flame I'll probably regret, but I'm sayin it anyway; I'm not trying to piss anyone off with this any more than those who ridicule the 4D thing are but I finally figured out what bothers me so much about the pessimism thing, and it's not so much the pessimism thing itself. It's the all-is-lost-let's-build-a-suicide-Ledge-and-BTW-we're-tired-of-Trump-not-doing-enough-to-defeat-our-enemies aspect of it. And that aspect has grown over time. Janet, who I always took to be pretty realistic about how bad things are never succumbed to that mindset. It's like any job. If my buddy and I are digging a ditch we are free to bitch and moan about how slow we're going. But some guy watching in his lawn chair and parasol is not, at least if he doesn't want a shovel launched at his head. Now, not knowing what anyone else has done to rectify the sorry state of our country I point no fingers at anyone else for what they may or may not have done. But I sure as heck am not going to blame a guy who stepped out of his comfortable life of opulence to take on the mess in DC and now has the entire weight of the leftist mob and all of its entrenched institutions against him and who would very happily put him and his family in jail on trumped up charges if they could, for not doing enough when I have done so little by comparison. If someone isn't doing at least what Janet does or maryrose or Jane or clarice or whoever, whether it's local, regional or national then I'm not too sure we ought to be complaining about how little he is doing or how ineffective he is. He sure seems to have our back more than we have his and if that is true shouldn't we try to equalize that in some way before we complain about how he needs to prove to us he's worthy of our support? The Swamp is vast and it has backwaters and sloughs in every city and county in the US. What have any of us done with the power we have to drain our little local sump? And if we haven't done nearly what we could have then why are we bitching about others as though we are passive actors without opportunity to change things? Self governance involves more than just voting every couple of years or sending a check to some person you don't know who will spend it on some person you don't like, doesn't it? That's not how this country is supposed to work, is it? And if it isn't working the way we know it should but don't do all in our power to see that it does then the sad fact is ten Trumps in a row won't fix things, because we got to this sorry state partly because we ceded so much to the activist left by our inaction at every level. If we want Trump to succeed then don't we need to do something to make him succeed besides telling him what he needs to do? If we won't do whatever we can to help him or the thousands of other little local Trumps on whose shoulders he stands then we have no one to blame but ourselves because the solution was never a one man colossus slaying Leviathan on our passive behalf. The cogent case is made over and over here that there are too many people in the wagon and too few pulling it in the realm of taxation and spending. Can we honestly say that is not also true in the realm of our present political landscape? The wagon seems chock-a-block full of people willing to crack the whip on the few who have had the temerity to get out and try pulling it in a different direction than the Dem asses have been pulling it for decades. For me personally, if I haven't gotten out and voluntarily put a yoke around my neck to help pull then I am not going to point my finger at anyone else who has chosen to do a job imperfectly that I have chosen not to do at all. Again, not trying to start a war but instead am trying to provoke some thought. It applies to me as much as anyone else, since I have had no end of advice for Trump that he neither needs nor will ever see.
You can take the Somali out of Somalia...
Johnny Q was ok but I prefer; George of the Jungle or Tom Slick or my personal favorite; Super Chicken
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--If all of Ben Cartwright’s wives died did Peter Falk ever guest star and do some nosing around?-- Ben's wives? You couldn't swing a dead cat without boppin one of Lil Joe's terminally ill or tragically-shot-while-taking-a-bullet-through-the-boiler-meant-for-Joe fiance's.
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Inger Stevens was Hoss's mama while Lil Joe's mammy was even hotter. Can't remember her name though. It's also not known by many that the famous map of The Ponderosa is actually oriented East-West rather than the typical North - South. Little known because completely meaningless probably.
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I knew that MM. Thanks for educatin these yokels. But that still doesn't explain why none of them looked like Ben. :) Candy did a little though, the little bastard.
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I'm also 6'4" and Mrs Ig was a mere 5'2" which seemed to present no problems.
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Steven Hayward reminds me of the excellent Salena Zito quote; “The media took Trump literally but not seriously, while voters took Trump seriously but not literally.” That'll be my last word on speculatin for now.
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2013; global warming responsible for declining levels of Great Lakes. 2019; climate change responsible for record high levels of Great Lakes. 2025; Climate scientists rounded up and imprisoned in makeshift gulag, awaiting execution. [Please let it be.]
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Will Dems achieve the seemingly impossible and alienate many of the millions of government goldbricks they created?
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Somehow 'accidentally hiding drugs in your butt and allegedly shooting yourself in the testicles' sounds somewhat better than the original.
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Was driving south through the Nevada desert toward Bishop CA about a month ago. As I was leaving Tonopah I spotted an immense totem pole about two miles off that from where I was looked like a cross between the eye of Sauron and the head of Bender the Robot from Futurama. Couldn't figure out what it was at first but then spotted the sea of deep blue mirrors at its base as the highway rose a little; oh yeah it's the giant bird rotisserie. Two things came to mind, as huge as it is, and it's bigger than the photos indicate, you could put a thousand of them in the Nevada desert and barely begin to touch the place. Secondly it was brain-dead to put even one of them on any desert. Certain things just don't require spreadsheets, P/L statements or one moment of analysis to reveal themselves as government boondoggles. This thing is the boondoggliest and that's from two miles away at 75mph.
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--I am going to bookmark Iggy's 3:15 & 3:33 as the point in time where (I hope) TK finally took the red pill and realized how the perspective completely changes once you accept the new reality that Trump was intentionally being deceptive about his meeting with Mueller.-- I don't subscribe to the superhuman Trump theme so whether he lied intentionally or impetuously I don't know, as he seems to do both at times, and he seem to do things extemporaneously as much as he has some jujitsu master plan. Nor do I know or pretend to know or even have any worthwhile speculation on why he dissembles in general or in this case in particular only that he does occasionally. Frankly all the speculation by all eleventy sides seems utterly futile and pointless. When things aren't knowable I suppose trying to spin them to support one position or another seems to have some value but always seems to me a good time to keep your powder dry and your mouth shut.
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No problemo, TK. Just felt like the goalposts were moving and I was headed out the door. Heading out another one right now.
You said; There is zero uncertainty based off of what is actually known. Correct? I provided links indicating things are known which do raise uncertainties, so your statement is not correct. If you want to argue over other stuff you'll have to do it with someone else.
If I were Avenetti's prison guard I'd be sure to accidentally leave plenty of belts and neckties laying around, although I'm not sure a snake has ever successfully hanged itself.
I didn't say it meant Trump knew. It does at the very least raise doubts Mueller was there to interview for the FBI job, doubts which I took you to say didn't exist.
For the record, I do not type with my tongue.
This link says Bannon told investigators Mueller did not interview for the FBI job. This one points out Mueller had already served the statutory limit of ten years and needed special legislation just to get two more under Barry. Neither is dispositive but they raise a decent level of doubt as does Occam; how likely is it Mueller would interview for the FBI job the day before he is appointed SC? He was almost certainly asked prior to his meeting with Trump.
Forget Teh Orange Scalp Weasel. Does anyone think Amurikkka is ready to trade Melania for that high foreheaded, owl eyed, purpled ginghamed butt pirate for First Lady?
--I could easily whittle congress down to about 5 people.-- I was in SAC. JiB and I could whittle DC down to about zero people in one pass. Call us if you decide you'd like to try our service.
I think it was Jim in Sunnyvale who mentioned nemesis follows hubris. I think China is going to learn Greek pretty quickly. Tyrants seem singularly incapable of sufficient patience or simple prudence. If you bully every neighbor into open hostility, go around the world lending every backwater yuan with usurious strings attached and beg, borrow and steal every aspect of the economies of those nations not in the first two groups, you're embarked on an impending disaster for your own nation, not world or even regional hegemony. And China's hubris is doubled due to their insecurities as a victim state losing face to the west for several hundred years. Victimology works even less well for nation states than ethnic groups.
Is Gab's format any better than Twitter's? If so, that and that bearded dog butt Dorsey's heavy prog handedness should cause a large migration eventually.
Good old Minot. In the top three domestic bases no one wanted to be assigned to, the others being; Eielson, Fairbanks Alaska and Shemya, Aleutian Islands Alaska
--is it supposed to be like this wicker man-- The flounders claim not, but a bunch of hippy dippy pagans get together on the summer solstice and burn an effigy of The Man, so...
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