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That's a very interesting read, Joe. I'm wondering if you can point to any current examples of content-creation tools/methodologies that are addressing the problem, even in a rudimentary way, of ensuring that content is consumable by the applications that need it. Or is that still in the future?
That was a fun read. Now I think I'll go lie down. One tiny correction: Mattress Firm isn't confined to the West Coast; it's also well known here on the East Coast. In fact its Wikipedia page says it operates in 48 states.
"Sometimes acronyms shouldn't be pushed too far." Yeah, because if you call it ICBM then you have to build another new silo to keep it in. ;) I really like your analysis of the landscape, Joe. Besides the different content-management silos you describe, there's perhaps even another overlay: technical content (the province of the TechComm Ghetto) and marketing content. I think this is largely a false distinction, but it's one that seems to persist in the minds of many. Integrated content management is a holy grail for many of us in the field. You've done an excellent job of describing it, and you've also done a service by pointing out that it shouldn't supplant the other kinds of content management; rather it should sit astride them. Thank you for this article. It's given me a lot of new insights and a lot more clarity than I had before.
You're hording it? Really? Pray tell, does that mean you're stockpiling a hoard of peeves, or that you've already got a horde of them? ;-) I tend to be pretty forgiving of pronunciation peeves, because I learned a lot of words through reading them rather than hearing them. But I never fail to cringe when I hear "new-cue-lar" for nuclear.
1. apprised 2. flesh out 3. flushed out 4. apprise 5. apprise 6. flesh out 7. apprised 8. flushed out 9. flesh out (nice - I see what you did there) 10. apprise - access
Am I dominating my market? Umm....No. Not even close. ;-) Those are great points, Ardath, and I certainly will think about them. Thanks again!
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Thanks, Ardath. I wholeheartedly agree that I want my content to be a filter (which is a rather comfortable metaphor) and not a vortex (rather frightening). But is there a chance that I might turn away potential customers without realizing it? As the marketplace changes, there might be an emerging audience for my services that I haven't yet identified. I guess it points up the importance of keeping my market analysis, including buyer personas, up to date at all times. Still, I worry about my filter being too restrictive.
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This is excellent advice, even though it's often hard for us content producers to accept. It requires us to leave our safe, friendly world and step into the world of the customer. The people who wrote about the "single, universal index" and "advanced search features" would tell you, I'm sure, that those things are intrinsically wonderful and their value is obvious to everyone. Who wouldn't be excited about advanced search features? Everyone here at the office just knows how fabulous they are. The trouble is, the world extends a long way beyond the office. Thanks for reminding us of this.
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Apr 5, 2010