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Larry Labonte
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Wild Thing Tour - when I met Sam in 88 I was working in radio 93Q in Houston and Sam was on Tour "Wild Thing" the theater he was going to play at was just closed down becaseu the owner ws heavy in to coke. So Sam is stuck in Austin suppose to play Houston in 3 days.and I called his Road Manager and asked if I could help. He said they have called all teh Theaters and cant get in. I told him I could find a place and he said it has to sit at least 2000. The coolest club at the time, was club XS and I asked the owner how many he could pack in, he said 2200 without the fire-marshel knowing. So I said what would you give me if I put Sam Kinison in your club in 3 days, he said what do you want? I said 10K he said ok gave me the money and I went back to the station, got the ok from the road manager, and put the promos and spots on the Air. Sam came to town and over 5000 people showed up trying to get in. screemeing, going crazy. I dint know what to do huge croud. I pulled these two huge Texas A&M football players out of line and asked them if they want to meet Sam, sick with me and protect my ass all night. So, Sam and I met back stage, he thanked me and we were joking, I learned his Brother lived in Houston and I told him I remember when he used to stand on top of 7-11 stores and screem at everyone they were going to Hell. He and I laughed it up and found out we knew some of the same people. Sam was like the brighest light, the hotest flame, wanted to wow everyone. The show was a hit and we had fun together. I met many starz, Jay Leno and I were friends for a while, Pat Swazie, dinners with LLiam Neason, Alice Cooper, singing with Billy and Dusty ZZ TOP, you name it. I was asked to go on comedy tour, LA, San Fran all arround. I dont think I would have been as funny as Sam, the Bright light. - I gave up the crazy life of Radio and Holly-weird and lived a normal life going to Church, sutdying God, the bible, helping the poor, kids, underprivilaged Sam went one way and I went the other. we just passed in this life on a road, he going one way and I ending up the other. I respect people who study the Truth and know about God, instead of ignorance, just says thats crazy. Well, Sam knew the Truth never said God did not exist or Jesus but, he lived his life his way. We only have one life its good to know where your going and whats next. RIP Sam, it touches me to hear the story of him talking to God at the end.
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Jan 29, 2012